First paycheck

Yep first money earned  in Canada are mine!:) but its not much :)), I got just first cheque from Ovest, but its just 240 CAD (4 days of work), yeah the beginnings are always hard. I should get pay for 6 days, but they accidantly forgot pay me for 2 days :), I should get it on Saturday, but better be carefull about your money, you never know who pays and who not :).

In Canada is good, that you get your paycheck bi-weekly (every 14 days) so you dont have to wait until end of the month. I should get my first paycheck from Aroma on Friday after that hope finally it will breath easier 🙂 (yep still spending lots of  Czech money here 🙁 ). I think that in May finally will be my expenses and income even or in the black numbers and dont have to take my savings from Czech account, but money for May rent still take from that :(, actually I already know, that in Canada definitely wont become a milionare, but also hope wont become a homeless :)).

cheque ovest

Cheque pay off tip 1: I didnt know but when you want pay off your cheque, you can go just to ATM and puts your cheque there. When you go to the counter, it should happen that they will hold your money, because as you have new account you dont have credibility. ATM holds your money just over 600 CAD. Second benefit is that you dont have to wait in queue 🙂

By the way I am still in training mode in same franchise (with angry boss :)), because new franchise is still not open. I definitely look forward to new place because it begins to be a little bit boring here. I surely dont know o lot of things yet, but I want finally step out from learning proccess and begin with right working mode and take responsibilty:). Yesterday I began the third week of training at least the shifts are changing (by my training have to try opening and closing of Aroma) so first week I worked everyday from 8am to 3pm, second week I had two shifts from 3pm to closing and finally this week have two shifts from 7am to 3pm.

Last week I worked everyday Monday to Friday in Aroma and weekend in Ovest, this week I had fortunately at least Monday off. In Ovest it begins to be crazy on Saturday. I am there alone (one dishwasher left) so it is non stop work I just wait for my big failure. I think that max after one month will quit. My fingers hurt after every shift and think it not really healthy put your hands to all that detergents. I dont want to give up, but dont see any other way. 🙁

Thats it next week is gone, first earned canadian dolars are in my bank account, so just hope that will be continue :). Main goal for next week is finally finally buy a guitar (I already picked acoustic Fender Parlor for 269 CAD, I just said to myself, that have to earn canadian money for it, so hopefully after friday will be mine!! :)), and maybe will go to Toronto ZOO, because my voucher expires 30th of April.

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)

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