First snow

Summer was great in Toronto, autumn amazing, but everything is now heading to Winter. Last week was, fortunately, a few warm days, but then cold did strike right away and in Toronto appeared first snow. It was just a little reminder of coming winter, but yeah you can really feel the coldness. So from now winter jacket on. I have to just buy some better winter shoes.

But it wasn’t like that all week, maybe really the last warm day here I went to Scarborough bluffs again with my friend. This time I didn’t see much from the top (my friend is a little bit afraid of heights) that we explored more the surroundings. We walked around all the top park to get to the islands under the bluffs and it was great. The sun was shining and the islands are actually really beautiful. But If you would like to do the same trip be ready for quite a long walk it took around 4 hours back and forth. But it’s worth it!:) I like city life but yeah nature is nature. See the pictures.

This week was in the end pretty good. In Aroma is the situation a little bit weird. One of my colleagues left, so they cannot fire me because they don’t have more stuff :). I decided not to listen to many my bosses because otherwise, I would go crazy, they still bothering me about small things and I really can’t stand it anymore (yeah I had another big argument). So my tactic now is to be calm and don’t talk too much. I stopped arguing, will see how long can do it !:))

Eight months in Canada!! Yeah .. last four months are waiting for me. So stay with me until the end, I think (I am sure:)) that my working holiday experience will be successful!

Keep tuned and read to me next week!:)

p.s. Dundas square in the night