First week in new Aroma and Rock climbing

After super busy pre-opening Friends and Family event is a situation in new Aroma a lot calmer. New customers have to learn going there but think every day is busier and busier so it will be good :). It’s good for us that we can get used to there and be also better step by step.:)

As I am now part of the new kitchen there are lots of things I have to learn like keep track of stock, what supplies we need, what to throw away, its little bit complicated because in the kitchen are changing around 5 cooks and everybody works a little different so we have to find system how to do it the best :), but hope after a few weeks will be better.

The schedule how I wrote in the previous post is not final. The owners want to try every cook on every shift (opening, middle, closing) and find who is the best in which position. The opening is a lot about preparing staff, the closing of cleaning staff and so. So this week I work middle and closing shifts, next will probably try some openings and will see where they place me:). I work 5 days per week, it’s little less ťhan full time I think, but I am glad to have time also for some other things.

new aroma yonge/st. Joseph

Yesterday I went rock climbing to indoor wall Rock Oasis. It was a fun and really good workout  (I needed that because I am a little bit lazy now and I didn’t visit thai box lesson for 14 days, but hopefully start soon again :)). I used to go rock climbing when I was younger but didn’t try it for many years. The thing that definitely goes there again.:)

I was there with my new friend I met here after the session we go for lunch to Joy Bistro in the east part of Toronto and it was delicious, definitely, recommend! I got one of the best burgers I ate here in Toronto so far. The gourmet part of the day we finished with Ice cream form Eds real scoop :).  The beautiful morning we ended watching locals playing baseball. People here can really enjoy the day here after that I had to go to work.

So that was my week. I work a lot, but I quite enjoy it haha :). There’s one thing why, because I really like the owners of the franchise, they are really nice people and I don’t want to disappoint them, so I try as hard as I can to work good and I want also to make the store successful. In this phase is quite easy for me to identify with the owner’s goals (I see them work really hard everyday it helps a lot for sure:))  and I take the store also as mine :). I didn’t have this feeling in my previous job. Yes, I know this is just first weeks and it can change also quite easy, but I really like that feeling:). So maybe if you will be nearby you can stop by in new Aroma Yonge and St. Joseph I will make you a really good sandwich, I promise!:)

It looks that summer finally arrived in Toronto so I can a little bit more hang out outside and explore the city, btw, I really like my night rides from work on my bike, I am glad I bought it, I can’t even imagine without it now.

Don’t forget to be keep tuned and read me next week 🙂