Flight and first days in Toronto

Yes, one week ago I finally arrived in Toronto!:). Let just summarize what happens until today. Let’s start with the flight. It was easier than I expected. I flew from Prague with one change in Brussels. I had there just one and a half hour to make it, so I was quite afraid it is not enough time, but it was ok. After arrival in Toronto, I had to go through the Boards service to get my working visa. They just ask a few personal questions (Why I go to Toronto, what wanna do here, if I have a job etc. etc. they wanted to see of course insurance, POE, and account balance) and send me directly to service Canada to get my SIN number it was a good surprise!!:)) Everybody was really nice and there was no problem with the check out process. After that, I just picked up my baggage and wait for the car from my accommodation.

The Chinese guy picked me up (he speaks English even worst than me :)) The housing is really nice and clean in a very quiet part of Toronto (I think it is North York :)). I met there Indian guy with nickname “Shampoo” (but don’t worry he has a family :)) and he told me everything about the first day what should I do and so on and we went straight to do bank because I needed a bank account. It was a really exhausting experience after more than 2 hours of signing tons of papers I finally got the account in TD bank (also with credit and debit card). Six months for newcomers it is without any fee. After that, we went to eat at the shopping mall nearby.

Next day I went for my cell phone number. I have an account with Rogers. It cost 65 CAD for a month and there are 1GB Data and 300 free minutes. I had to also stop in the bank and put some money into my new accounts. (500 CAD to my savings and 100 CAD to my regular account). Then I went on my first trip by subway to downtown. I got off at King station and took a quick look around. I stopped by one Guitar shop because I wanna buy guitar later :). I was really exhausted so I went straight to home.

So now I managed everything that I need. And I can start looking for the job with no limits 🙂

Last two days I started looking for the job. I am trying everything from Dishwasher, Server to Events coordinator and also something connects to websites, but without any success. I am sending CVs like a crazy,  but mostly no answers. I should change something. Most of the job offers say that you can stop by personally, its the best way how to attract them so that is the way I should go :).

About living I live in North York its very peaceful part of Toronto, with many nice houses. See the pictures. But until the end of the march, I have to find something new. Maybe extend it here for another week. I always walk to the nearest metro station is around 30 minutes on foot, but you can also take a bus.  I have to cook more, I do just breakfast and everything else buying when I cruising through the city but I have to lower my expenses.

Also here first photos of my cruising through the Downtown :).

And I eat lots of burgers :)). But it is also research for my friend who owns the Burger bar in Czech:). It’s not that expensive I think. Combo (burger, fries, drink) costs mostly around 12 CAD (240 CZK). The burgers are good, but I didn’t eat some super tasty yet, the best one was The Nacho (with jalapeno and guacamole) from South St. Burger.

So that was my first-week :). I am sorry it is little bit longer post, but everything is new around!:) I want to post every Wednesday longer post, but if it will be something life-changing during the week I post shorter one just about it.

So have a great day and keep tuned for my blogging from Toronto!:)

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