Following is growing

Slowly but surely. The Youtube channel takes off. I got over 100 subs there, sure it’s still nothing but as far as the number is going up I am happy.

The additional social networks as Instagram and TikTok are on the same path. Especially TikTok could be very successful on my side. I think it will be very soon my strongest following. I just need to keep it pushing and somehow work with the audience.

I just need to be careful about viral videos (same with Youtube) cuz it doesn’t really show my success. I can hit the jackpot once or twice but the real audience is where the lowest numbers are. The baseline of my views is growing very slowly but it’s growing. There should be all my focus.

Sometimes I feel super lazy to keep uploading on my social media but in general, I feel I like it and I think it’s going somewhere. If I take the project as a whole I think it has a strong purpose and it should be successful. It just the perfect thing for my motivation. Even I have many downs during the way it’s been already a while since I started and I keep going which is super awesome. I am never able to stick with my project for that long. It’s a good sign.

So right now I need to overcome the hard weeks when the ideas for videos are dried out. As soon as I gain the solid ground I am gonna shine later. I am sure about that!:)

Stay tuned. Emil