Full-time job, conversation ring and cinema

Interviews and full-time job

Before I finally find a full-time job there were several interviews. Like I already wrote in a previous blog post I had last week almost every day the job interview. On Monday it was a call from Bond to email marketing position, on Tuesday dishwashing for Doomies vegan restaurant, on Wednesday dishwashing for Kumpert and Kim also a vegan restaurant and finally on Thursday kitchen help for aroma espresso bar.

The feelings were not bad after every interview I had, I was prepared, always is good to read a little bit about the company you want to be hired, I was finally neat :), black trousers, black sweater, so there was no problem I think:).

But the response came just from the Aroma espresso, Actually, I am glad, because that was my favorite one. (I was actually sure that will get this position, so I canceled another interview to different branch of aroma espresso bar, but they called after 4 days, so I was little insecure, have to admit :)) )

Problem with the previous interviews could be, that I was super confident 🙂 (be confident is good) but I maybe swept it a little. It was just dishwashing position and I am already dishwashing in Ovest, so I said on both interviews, that I don’t want just dishwashing, but maybe doing also food preparation and so, also I wasn’t sure about my availability. As I had interviewed every day, I didn’t clarify which day I can work where, so I wasn’t sure which days can promise. That was a big mistake I think. Also in an interview with Kumpert and Kim, when the interviewer asked me about my availability I said something like  “If I will like it here, I can work here full-time” :)). Better to choose more cautious words.

Working tip 3 : Learnt something about company you want to be hired and check your availability before the interview, dont say setencess like “If I will like it here, I can work here full-time” :)), be caution what you say 🙂

Aroma is a coffee bar, something like Starbucks, but nicer!:) I will be helping in the kitchen but there is possible also be trained for barista or cashier. So I hope I can do it later. It should be useful in the future :). I am now in training week in Aroma so will see, if they actually hire me. Wish me luck.

English conversation circle

On Wednesday I visited Toronto public library in Parkdale, where took place English conversation circle. It is just bunch of people (mostly the immigrants or foreigners), which just speak about everything to practice English. It is really good and I definitely want to go there every week. I am looking for more of this opportunities to meet new people because as I am here alone it’s always good to speak with somebody :).

English conversation circle

Royal cinema – videofreex

I was bored so on Friday a went to a cinema. I choose not big cineplex, but small local Royal cinema in College street. They screened Here come the Videofreex. Documentary about a group called Videofreex, which began record in the late sixties, when first portable video camera from Sony was released. It was really good and definitely recommend!:)

Royal cinema Toronto Dont talk dont text Here come the Videofreex

Other staff.

Still going to Thai box, a free week is gone so have to buy a monthly membership, it cost 120 CAD, but I have to do something here, otherwise, it will be super boring :). And next weekend of dishwashing in OVEST is behind me, the people are there really great, I want to stay there although I got the job in Aroma. 🙂

Next week passed quickly. I found full-time job whoooo, 🙂 (I hope will see in next blog post if they hire me or not :)), watched a movie, still go to thaibox and more… I think that slowly but surely settle down here in Toronto. Finally :)).

Keep tuned and read me next week!:)

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