Getting back to normal

OK, we are not right there yet but slowly we are getting out of this virus madness. The most important I can go play soccer again… I missed it it was such a great hobby I jumped into the last year.

Youtube carer keeps going. Since the restart, I uploaded already 13 videos. I keep my pace and schedule. I am happy about it and I look forward to every new upload. The numbers are still super low but it’s still just the beginning. Right now I try to make videos for search engines. I choose topics to rank well in the youtube search. If I will get some traction I try to be more personal with my videos.

So far I do have just one semi-successful video out of 13. It’s not a good percentage but I am still learning. It would be worthless to get some random push and nothing more. I need to build my audience step by step.

I target the business and balding niche I hope I can somehow make it work together.

I like it. It’s just a super weird thing to do. Make videos for Youtube … but at the same time, it’s the biggest challenge I have ever tried.

Being lame, gringy, unfunny, embarrassing and keep it pushing. EXPERIENCE that COUNTS.

I don’t just like it I love it!