Getting the ball rolling

I would say that the past two weeks I got into the creative zone, finally. I kicked off my TIKTOK and REELS tries and it brought many more editing hours into my schedule. I need to bring new content every damn day.

What is very surprising about this I actually enjoy it. I have never felt like that for years (Yes, really). I love it and I just wanna push it no matter what. The time is now.

I also broke the last borders of shame and I shared one of my videos on my personal Facebook account. There are old friends, people from school and so. It is such a hard thing to bring my project there and show it to everybody … but I don’t care anymore. Youtube is my life now and I don’t care what people think. I am at the beginning of my journey I do so many mistakes for sure but if I wouldn’t start how can I improve?

I need to show my work. See some critics and improve step by step. That’s the only way even if I like it or not. don’t be ashamed. I don’t need to be cuz I know how much effort I put into my videos. The level of my work can be low but I know I did everything I could. The time will come when it starts to make sense! That’s for sure. I know it! 🙂

I broke the first milestone. My Youtube channel got 100 subscribers. It seems like a very small step but I am super hyped about it. So glad for every new subscriber. Need to be humble and keep coming with interesting content.

The next few months will be critical. Am I able to bring new videos? Am I able to gain new subscribers? Will see!:)

Stay tuned. Emil