Goodbye Bali

Last weeks were kinda fast. I already left Bali and went for the amazing trip (about that in other posts). But first, let’s look at how is it with surfing and eating in Bali. Then just last a few last words and I can say just goodbye, my love.

Surfing in Bali

haha finally post about the main thing I came to Bali! Surfing.

Have to say that I’m just a little bit advanced surfer, but still can enjoy it here. Its plenty of spots around the house I’m staying. The closest one is green bowl beach(or Bali cliff) its right handed and left handed(working just through the low tide).

Also during my stay in the wet season. So working mainly spots on the south and west side of the island(cuz of wind and swell direction). I surfed the most at already mentioned Bali cliff, Pandawa, Gunung Pajung (all these spots are a southern part), then you can surf south east spots like. Niko, Geger, Blackstone, Mushrooms, Sri Lanka.

Sometimes is pretty exhausting cuz you driving your scooter long time to the spot and then you find out that the conditions are bad so you cannot go in the water. Of course, you can use all the websites like or to know the forecast in advance. But have to say that especially in the wet season the forecast was usually pretty bad. You can almost never hold on to it.

Here are a few pictures of my surfing. It’s from Bali cliff, Gunung Pajung, and Sri Lanka.

How to eat in Bali

The most used ingredient in Indonesia is rice.. for Indonesian people food without rice doesn’t count as a regular meal. so you should eat rice at least 3times per day.

I like rice, but of course not that often haha. But my favorite place here is called Stop Makan Yuuk. I think they offer kinda traditional Indonesian food. You just pick the type of rice( white, coconut, sesame and so) and then you can choose from many sauces, meat and vegetables and make it like one meal. I eat there pretty often. The final price is around 45000IDR, but yeah it depends how much ingredients you pick.
Of course, Bali is a kinda touristic place so you can find all kinds of cuisine here. one of my favorite places is Italian CasaAsia but a little more expensive(around 100000IDR)

Another place I’m going often is warung Makan, the prices are average (around 700000IDR)but the food is pretty good.

The cheapest warung here is warung solo via .. its same type like warung Makan Yuuk, but you can get meet around 15000IDR.

If you want to cook for yourself there are many supermarkets you can buy regular stuff. Like Coco mart, Indomaret, Nirmala, Pepino, Circle K, Alfamart, the prices there are about to same. Also, I am talking just about the south side of the Island on Bukit because I stayed just in this area all my holidays.

Goodbye Bali

Okay, that was about surfing and eating now its time just to say Goodbye. I don’t know what could I say. Even though I had some problems during my stay in Bali. In the end, I stayed for 2.5 months and I can say that were the best months of my life. I didn’t have to care about anything, just surfing, enjoying, eating good food. I miss Bali already and I know I will definitely come back soon. Thank you, Bali for having me and see you soon my love.

Fortunately, one last adventure was ahead of me, but you can read about it in the next post. Take care and read my blog next time:)