Goodbye Toronto

A pleasure to meet you. The last post from Toronto is here, actually, I am just writing this post during my layover in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am heading to Cancun in a few hours.

A lot of emotions, packing, canceling, throwing away, walking that was my last week in Toronto.

Some important things I needed to do before I left.

First of all, I needed to apply for a tax return. I used an agency. They needed just my T4 form (form from an employer with your working hours during the year), how much I paid for rent and that was it. They are gonna do all the paperwork instead of me. I paid quite a lot 150CAD, I think you can definitely find cheaper one, but they are gonna send me cheque back to the Czech Republic, if they could use Canadian account it would be just for 50CAD.

I needed to cancel my bank account. First, I closed my credit card, because it holds some amount of money and then I closed my regular account. You can do it at any branch and it takes a few minutes. Money from the accounts you get by cash.

the last thing was to cancel my phone number. It was just one call to my provider(Rogers).

Emotions play a big role in my last week unfortunately as well. On Thursday I had a small farewell party with my colleagues from Aroma, Thursday was also my last day of working in Aroma. Yeah, there were lots of ups and downs with my working experience as you could read here, but in the end, you remember just the ups of course so did I.

I meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world. Everybody was super nice to me and always helpful. Like I came to Toronto alone they became my friends and part of my family here. Also, I never work in the service and kitchen before, I had learned some many things I couldn’t ever imagine that I would learn. Eventually, the owners of Aroma invited me for dinner and wished me good luck and asked to stay here. So from this point of view, I am definitely never gonna regret.

During one of my last walks in downtown, I tried ice-skating in Harbourfront. So skating in Canada checked but I’m not a really good skater.

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