Yeah, halloween is behind us. Three days of crazy costumes everywhere (Halloween is celebrated on 31th of October) this time it came on Monday. Actually, my laziness won, so I didn’t dress up, but my coworkers or my roommates got some pretty costumes. Here in North America is much more popular than in Europe, so kids here actually do trick or treat so you can see them cruising streets and go to the house by house. It’s good to see all these typical American holidays in usual environment :).


Cold is here already. It’s still not that bad around 10 Celsius, but Its time already for my warm leather jacket, I really like to wear it :). My bike is broken, just flatten tire but I am lazy to fix it, so probably this month will buy for the first time monthly metro pass. It cost 140 CAD :/. The parks now shining with autumn colors, here some first pictures I hope to take some later.

img_3968 img_3967

But probably the main event of this week was that I had a really big fight at work with my boss (yeah the nice boss haha). Like you can feel from my previous posts I don’t enjoy work in Aroma anymore. It’s really busy there, a lot of work and every day the same. So I am not in a really good mood, it is also connected with my low salary. I really think that I deserve much more than I got. And then we got our weekly schedule and one of my shifts were changed and they don’t even let me know before. I was so mad so I talked to the boss, that I don’t want to change and then we started arguing. Long story short in the end they almost fired me right away, but we got little compromise so they probably just cut my shifts. My state of mind is now that I actually really don’t care because since I came to Canada I just worked so I really need at least a few weeks vacation otherwise I will go crazy haha. I am not really sure what will be the result of this fight will see next week probably, but I think all the consequences could be good for me because it may force me to find a new better job. I think I already work long in Aroma (over 6 months) so the change could be a good way 🙂 I let you know in next posts.

Yep, weeks passing by for me here in Canada with all the good things but also bad ones. I can say just this is life!! I expected that it will be like that and don’t worry I don’t give up, still a lot of months waiting for me.

Keep tuned and read me next week. (maybe finally I am gonna go to small trip outside of Toronto)

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