Happy birthday

Yeah on Sunday was my birthday. I didn’t expect to celebrate it much, but the day before I went at least with my roommates to Madison. It was really good because almost everybody from the house joins the party. I really didn’t want or I didn’t even think about that I would get any present, but I got from them a nice and really good birthday cake. From Kazu and his friend, I got also beanie “raised by wolves” and t-shirt Toronto Maple Leafs. Really more than I deserved.

At work, I “enjoyed” my birthday a little bit more. I worked double shift 10 to 10 :)). But at least everybody was super nice to me, I got a lot of hugs, I learned some new rules from different cultures. For example, in China, you should eat on the day of your birthday Chicken, hard boiled egg, noodles, and a muffin. I almost made it except the noodles.

Yeah, birthday week is behind me, already been in Toronto for 7 months and still alive. Let’s say this is success :). Winter is coming so now it will be much harder at least can finally wear my leather jacket!:))

Keep tuned and read me next week.