Happy Holidays

Yes, Christmas week is over. So Merry Christmas to everyone!:)

My sister came on Friday with her friend so at least I am not here alone during the holidays. I picked them up on Friday at the airport. I have never gone to the airport before. What was the nice surprise that it is just about 40 minutes from my place? You have to take just subway to Kipling station and then by rocket bus 192 to Terminal 1. My sister went through the border services quite fast so there weren’t any problems.

On 24th My coworker from Aroma invited us to dinner in his house. He prepared a lot of delicious food. There were around 15 people and we had a really good time. It was good to be around people from the whole world and got to know a little bit about their Christmas traditions.

On 25 we had dinner/party in our house. It was great as well. Quite a lot of people came so again it was a fun night.

With my sister we just cruised a little bit through the downtown, not any bigger trip yet.

Weeks going fast, next one we gonna jump to the new year 2017. We will see what it brings. Hope a lot of new travel and life experiences for me and for you as well. :).

Keep tuned next year as well and read me next year!:)

P.s. Photo of my private hotel :))