Happy New Year

Lots of interesting things happened during this week. Of course the main was that we celebrated the new year 2017, but first things first.:)

As my sister visited me here, it pushed me to go to the main signs around Toronto. Yeah, you are guessing right. I finally visited Niagara Falls and the CN tower.

Niagara falls for me were all the past months like an impossible challenge, but actually, it’s not too hard to visit it! We went with Casino agency. It cost 20 dollars if you sign for a casino membership you can ride next time just for 7 dollars (but you have to spend little money in the Casino). The bus station is in front of China town center on Spadina Avenue 222. It rides every hour. Get to the Niagara falls take around 1 and half hour. It was super cold there, so we had checked Niagara falls in 30 minutes haha. Falls are really majestic even I expected it bigger, but definitely must see thing here. We should go back to Toronto at 8 pm, but we got to the earlier bus at 5.30, there really wasn’t much to do, if you have more money you can spend time in Casino.

The day before New years eve, I went with my sister to CN tower. It was a beautiful day with blue sky so good time to visit it. Basic adult ticket cost 35 CAD. We went there at 3 pm so we could catch the sunset as well. On the counter, they told us that the waiting time is 30minutes, but it did go actually pretty fast. We walked around, saw also the glass floor even it is just a few blocks its really scary to walk on it :). And in the end, we were watching the sunset from the CN tower restaurant. I am glad that I already checked it out because it is really worth it to visit.

New years celebration took place in our Aroma store. Our bosses managed everything. So we had a lot of food, alcohol and many more. Everything for free of course. So I got pretty drunk. The best thing of the night was, that for the final countdown we went to the condo next to the store and we could see all the city from above. I didn’t see many fireworks, but the view was amazing. Good start of the new year.

Distillery District. I haven’t been there during the day yet. So I just checked it quickly with my sister. Its really nice part of Toronto, with many stylish stores. If you want to buy some interesting gifts, definitely go check it there.

I think that its great success that I survived the year 2016, most of the year I spent in Canada, a country I have never visited before. I made a lot of new friends, loves and many more. I got new experiences. Lots of ups and downs. But I am still here and I am gonna continue.

Happy new year to everyone one more time. Keep it positive, keep smiling, keep loving .. keep living.

…. and keep tuned for my blogging I am gonna be still here .. read me next week.:)


One of my favorite brunch places in Toronto Pettitedejenour. Last time I didn’t take a picture, so here it is.

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