History of my website projects

Before I will start something new. Let’s make some throwback and see what kind of websites I have already made. It’s interesting even for me. I can remember the old projects and learn from the mistakes cuz it was mostly unsuccessful story hehe. Before I introduce you the projects. Let’s just write down my web design background.

I started with the web design when I was 14 years old so in 2003, time flies hehe. First websites were made in the Microsoft Word (Yes no kidding) but quite fast I moved to basic HTML and CSS. I was making the websites from scratch and tried the frames layout, tables layout, and the first phase was ending with the CSS styling. I would say around 17 I was on top of my coding knowledge. Cuz of my sports activities and kinda lack of programming brain (I realized quite soon I am not a programmer) I stopped with the websites for a long time. I got back on track when I was 25 years of age cuz I got my first full-time job as an HTML Email developer since then I keep wandering around the internet.

Right in the beginning it looked promising with my career. I had my personal website about snowboarding snb.webzdarma.cz (unfortunately I don’t have any screenshot :/ ), it was my first site ever and I was so excited about designing and improving it. Quite soon after I made a website for my father and brother businesses – Paracentrumcz.cz and Snowparkdesign.cz. I was making website also for the snowboard team I was part of Bssteam.cz. It looks I could be a professional web designer and working for clients.

Unfortunately, already in that time, I was pretty lazy and when I had to work on client websites I couldn’t motive myself the same as with my personal sites. As you can guess no client would be happy about this attitude. Also as I mentioned I couldn’t do dynamic websites I realize I never gonna be a web designer so I didn’t chase this career path.

After that, I took a long break. Everything changed during my first full-time job. I was sitting at work and I had some time to browse the internet hehe. I discovered the affiliate marketing and then I got a little crazy and began with a lot of projects. I was using WordPress. The launches of everything could be pretty fast.

The first and actually the most successful affiliate project was about funny t-shirts Oblibenatricka.cz. I was copying some other websites. This site was actually making money. The strongest months it could around 300 USD, I am not sure why I stopped hehe. Another site was about favorite books – Oblibeneknizky.cz, I was writing down reviews and some books tips, this site didn’t make anything.

Jardnidetox.cz logo

I had also a site about favorite sports Zacinamesportovat.cz, about the spring detoxication Jarnidetox.cz – for this site I actually hired a copywriter (my friend) who did all the content, I tried to move my business to another step but without any success hehe. I wanted to catch the medical supplements niche so I started a website about green coffee. I tried to promote just a single product with the solar power adapter Nabijeckasolarni.cz.

As I said the only site which made money was the first one. With no money and not much interest, I slowly stopped with affiliate marketing. I had even much more ideas which I wanted to proceed. Some meme site, a magazine about celebrities and much more but fortunately I didn’t invest my money into it hehe. In that time I really didn’t care about the topic I was just pursuing the money 😀

If I am talking about the affiliate websites I needed to pay just for the domain and hosting the other things I could make just by myself … with the full-time job salary, I didn’t need to worry about my spendings that much. I bought also a lot of domains in that time but almost everything I let expire in the following years.

After the affiliate part of my life (I still think is a good way how to monetize your website, you need to just build the site around the topic you actually like and promote the products you actually believe in. In the future, I will maybe use some affiliate links even in this blog). I started with one of my biggest projects.

E-commerce site – Gymsack.cz

I build my own e-commerce site Gymsack.cz. I bought the gym backs from China and start selling in here in Czech. I was very enthusiastic about it but unfortunately, the backs were breaking so all the business was screwed. I still sold something but I would say in total I was minus 2500USD but a big lesson learned and it was an amazing experience.

My blog – Worktravelenjoy.com

The business bankrupt and I was preparing for a little different experience in 2016 and it was my stay in Canada. For that experience, I have started blogging and you can see the result here.:) The Worktravelenjoy.com is live since then. I was just blogging I didn’t have any other side project.

Dropship store Waterstic.com

Last year I tried just the classic Aliexpress dropshipping store Waterstic.com (it is still online hehe). I was thrilled by the youtube gurus and wanted to try it. I build the store, paid for the facebooks ads aaaand didn’t sell a thing hahaha. Yeah, my stupidity rose again I was blinded by the dollars.

I am back in present now. I have the strength to build something new. I am inspired by the Makers movement and already started a little no-coding in Coda so hopefully, I will find something interesting and will make some nice project. Stay tuned … btw I uploaded a new video on my channel see below it’s about my other Coda doc Mommy.

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Stay with me. Emil

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