Hit by a sickness

Yeah, Bali is not always just paradise. Past 3 days I was sick. The fewer, cold, running nose I felt like shit and did not surf.. You probably wondering how is even possible to get a cold in Bali, cuz the temperature is here around 30 degrees, but it’s raining a lot, so you can get wet easily on the motorbike or if you are driving after surfing session so yeah I would guess that I got a cold because of that.

So I were just laying in the bed, sleeping most of the time, getting some pills, eating oranges and also local medicine (tolakangin)

Fortunately, it was just for 3 days but then I got sick again, but this time much worse. It was food poisoning. One of the worst it ever happened to me.

Funny thing is that I didn’t eat in some dirty unknown warung but in a pretty decent Italian restaurant. It was on Friday night. I got some pasta with mushrooms and creamy sauce and what happened after I can describe simply as a hell. You can check the picture it doesn’t look bad, right? and it tasted pretty good but…

Approximately after one hour, I started feeling pretty bad. And all started classically with diarrhea, lots of vomiting and fever. I couldn’t hold in myself even water! So as you can guess I lost a lot of weight and became super weak. It was like that about the whole day. So Saturday was pretty bad, but in the evening I was already getting better and I could eat at least some bananas…

On Sunday morning I thought that everything is already all right even though my stomach still hurt a little bit and I was kinda hungry, so I did go for breakfast with my friend. But that was the stupidest decision ever. I got some eggs and so. but it was a too heavy start for my poor stomach. So everything started again :/ .. but this time much much worst, cuz I was weaker and I hadn’t any more strength in me .. All day after breakfast I didn’t eat and drink, cuz I was afraid that I would vomit again. so you can imagine how I looked.

But the worst thing happened in the night. I was again in the bathroom. And after vomiting session, I faded out, cuz of my weakness. I wanted to go to the hospital after, probably I should but I decided not to go yet. fortunately next day(Monday) it was better again and I could drink teas a eat some fruits. I try now it just some plain rice and take everything slowly before I start eating decent food.

Even after a week, I didn’t feel pretty well. My stomach still hurt. I could eat I didn’t feel weak or something but I knew it’s not all right yet.

Finally, it got better. Now I can eat again normally. But it was a big lesson for me I shouldn’t try to speed up the recovery. First, just drink liquids, then start with plain yogurt and bananas and after that try to eat solid regular food.

So past weeks were a little bit harder for me, but now I’m already feeling all right. I’m again in the water and that is important. I need to gain some weight back, but it should get fast.

Stay tuned and read my blog next week.