Hockey Hall of Fame

Before I let you know about Hockey Hall of Fame, have to mention experience with Duffy’s Tavern. When I went yesterday from Thai box training I stopped by in Duffy’s Tavern I thought that stay just for food, but they were screening Blue Jays game and then the Stanley cup finals San Jose Sharks against Pittsburgh Penguins so I was there a little bit longer :). It’s a really nice old looking pub. I really enjoyed my stay there. They have a big screen, so I watch hockey like in the cinema. I went home after listening to a local country band. (the bill for food and 4 beers wasn’t that nice, but once in a time, why not 🙂 btw. I really miss cheap Czech beer:))

The weather this week wasn’t like previous days, it’s colder and windy, so I decided to go to Hockey Hall of Fame and use my free voucher otherwise the adult entry costs 18 CAD. The HHoF has located at Yonge and Front street it is around 30 minutes bike ride from my home. Like I ride the bike a lot I try always to go a different way so I can find other interesting places. When I go to HHoF I could see the downtown from another look.

The HHoF itself is nice, you can see there all the historical jerseys, hockey cards, there is the play arena. You can shoot on the imaginary goalie, be a goalie, play NHL game on PlayStation, try commentary, see hockey 3D movie and many more. The most important thing there are all the trophies and of course trophy of the trophies Stanley cup itself!:) Definitely “must see thing” in Toronto for hockey fans!:) Funny there were a lot of Czech people around!:) The photos are more than words!:)

If you go home you can stop by in Spirit of hockey fan shop.

After my visit to Hall of Fame, I went exploring the St. Lawrence market which is nearby. I already was around when I went to Rainbow cinema, but I wasn’t inside. The market is located in the old building and It reminds me of a farmer market I saw in Budapest. There are many small local farm shops, with vegetables, meat, seafood and many more. Especially the seafood restaurant Busters sea cove looks pretty good, unfortunately, I was after lunch so I couldn’t try it, but I will come again!:)

On my way back I stopped by in China town for Goji seeds. In China town is good to buy all the fruits and vegetables is cheaper and really good:) and then I discover a hipsterish part of Toronto. I think it is Kensington Market :). Lots of coffees, small shops, restaurants, colorful buildings and so. I have to definitely explore it more next time!:)

As goodbye played there Kalyna Rakel and her band. She is a really beautiful and great singer. Support her on Facebook and Instagram! She promoted her new album release which is next Wednesday I definitely want to go there!:) It looks like a deal here in Toronto, that the band always plays in the streets before some album release or concert as a promo. I like it and hopefully meet other bands too!:)

This week I was also for the third time at the cinema. I watched Zootopia its nice cartoon movie by Disney. I watched it in 3D, but don’t waste your money 2D is enough :). I was in another big cineplex on Dundas square.

In Aroma I am starting to be more and more confident and actually, I always look forward to work (unbelievable:)) My schedule will be now similar every week. I got the evening shifts from 3 pm till 10 pm, it’s mainly about cleaning the kitchen, it’s not that busy like in the morning, so I have time for that. But the evening atmosphere is nice and I still like it :). I will work 5 days per week and it looks like with Monday, Tuesday off so will explore Toronto the most in these two days:).

I hope you enjoying more photos of the posts :). It’s really better than words especially my words!:)) Hope will also improve a little bit my photo skills. But don’t know if can do better on my iPhone 5. Anyway for illustration is more than enough.:)

That’s it for today. Keep tuned and read me next week!:)