How is the reading going?

Okay at the beginning of this year I set up a goal to finish at least 24 books (2 books a month). Very reasonable goal which I should acomplish without much stress.

Even though I did have some reading block and confidently on track right now. Especially this month I add up more than 2 books. Sure I have to admit that it was very short ones.

Anyway, lets look closer which book I have read this month and why.

Power of now – Echart Tolle

I would say I have read this book over two months. I just wasn’t able to finish it and I kept jumping to another book. Fortunately, I could get to the end this month and my review would be around 4 stars. It is mostly my fault. It’s kinda harder read and you should be thinking more about the content. As I couldn’t dive deeper into in I wasn’t able to understand the content that well. It has many interesting thoughts and I recommend do read it but focus on the message and dont get distracted.

Awareness – Anthony de Mello

After the Power of Now I jumped on this book and it was a great choice. Its funny, short and easy to understand. I coundlt recommend this book more.

Second Foundation – Isaac Asimov

It’s good to read some fiction as well. Better to say science fiction. Asimov is a legend and his series about Foundation is pure gold. Second Foundation is the third part of the trilogy and I have read it already the second time. The Apple tv series is coming based on Asimov’s books so I just wanted to refresh the story. I would like to read also the prequel (two books) and the sequel (two books) to complete it all.

Show your work – Austin Kleon

Simple and short book. The title says it all. Do not hide in the corner. Show your work. Do not be afraid of hate.

Anything you want – Derek Sivers

Another short read. Interesting thoughts about building a company. Derek Sivers build and sold a company named He describes how he was able to manage all the things around. All the lessons he learned on the way.

I hope I gave you some nice book tips. I am gonna keep reading.

Stay tuned. Emil