How to make this blog more interesting?

Yes, I need to add up more value. Not just for the readers but also for myself. No one is going here. Anything new under the sun but I am losing interest to write weekly.

Sure in the past I stopped writing few times but right now I feel it just worse. I am not able to write interesting content, I am not able to force myself to do a little step further. I just come on Tuesday, write down few short thoughts, and post them.

I do not prep anything. I do not have a purpose. I got stuck in one place. The main focus in my youtube channel for now but is in my native Czech language. It doesn’t have anything in common with this blog. Totally different story.

It is against my focus but I still feel I should keep going. The english is important and if I am gonna stop writing I am gonna forget it.

Yeah, need to think about it … more than 3 seconds during writing this post..

Stay tuned. Emil