How to write a lot of content and do not get crazy

Writing journey is hard. Especially for people who are not writers and using the second language as me. Before I started this blog I have never written a lot.

Everything changed with my living experience in Toronto and this blog. I slowly build (still building) a writing muscle. Be consistent and keep the schedule is the key.

But it’s just a post a week? Anyone could do it!

You are right, in the beginning, the motivation is high and you can write as crazy but stay in the zone after a longer period of time is pretty challenging (I failed many times on the way as you could see on this blog).

Since the beginning, of this year I leveled up and I added writing daily posts on 200 words a day website and past months also posting another content for my side projects. Yeah and suddenly there is a lot of writing.

My current schedule looks like this:

  • On Monday – One big post for (I am trying to write always over 1000 words)
  • On Tuesday – One big post here on
  • Every day at least 200 words on 200WaD
  • On Thursday – a little post for my affiliate website.

I would like to add one more post a week for Nocodemag but dont have the working capacity yet.

As you can see the writing habit is part of me now. Still, if you would see it in a week view, it doesn’t feel that crazy. Again you must see the bigger picture keeping this schedule week by week and months by months is the right challenge (I am crying just a little here :D).

I would like to give you some little tips on how to endure the hassle and keep writing consistently.

If you can, try to cooperate across your writing duties. I mean, for example, my daily 200WaD posts can work as notes for my bigger posts on Nocodemag or in here. My thoughts on a personal blog can grow for a bigger post on Nocodemag and so on. Hope you understand the point.

Try to think of the topic of your posts in advance. Actually, the writing part itself is easy, but if you dont know what you should write about, The hassle starts to be real and procrastination arise. My writing habit of 10 ideas a day helping me a lot in this case. Always if some topic idea pops into my mind I write it down. When the day of writing come I have a source of inspiration which I can use.

Try to Pomodoro technique or some bigger block of focused writing. For almost every post, in the beginning, I try to just write for a while without much thinking about grammar and form. I set some time, usually 25 minutes, and write without distraction. If I am not tired I set another time limit and so on. If I feel I am getting tired I shorten the limit. If I feel total unfocused and my mind is shifting I stop. It helps a lot and you have the fundaments for the final version of your post.

This one is kinda funny, but try to make your life more interesting. If you experienced something interesting, you have more things to write about. I mean it should be related to your projects of course. For example, that’s why I make new side projects, try new habits, read interesting books, try to make some money online cuz I want to have fuel for my articles which I can share with you.

Try the most dangerous writing app. I wrote a post about this amazing app. It forces you to write. You just set your limit (time or words count) and you must keep going until you make it otherwise all the words get lost. Pretty dangerous but really helpful to overcome the writing block.

Never miss the schedule. I mean even if you are totally out of inspiration to write, try to write at least something (I struggled a lot with my blog post UX, it is super short post πŸ˜€ ). I know I know quality over quantity but this is important in the bigger picture cuz if you miss one time there is always easier to skip again. It’s simple if you write more it’s easier to write and avoid the hassle.

I think these are the main things which help me to keep going and writing every week.

Do you have some other tips? Feel free to share in the comment section. πŸ™‚

Other stuff

Nocodemag keeps going. This week I wrote a post about some websites with interesting and inspirational interviews and content about makers movement.

I made also a new video below to my channel. Need to really work on the quality I do not feel confident at all.

Otherwise pretty normal week πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil.