How was my life in 2018 and plans for the next year

Time to remember things that happened in 2018 and think over what was all right and what didn’t go that well.

Welcome to my 2018 report. If you would like to check my last year’s report, click here.

Okay, let’s go through my life in 2018. I am gonna use the same categories as for the last year’s post but In the beginning, I must say it’s gonna be pretty depressing.


Fortunately, I can count here, my way back home trip from Bali otherwise it wouldn’t be anything in here hehe. So all January I was still chilling in Bali (it counts of course too) you can check what I was doing there here. but the true traveling began on my way back home. I visited my friends in Japan to end Korea. It was so amazing and I can really describe how much I enjoy that trip. Everybody was so nice to me and they made my trip unforgettable. You can read the report in the series of the post here, here, here, here, here, here and here. So after my comeback, It was basically everything if I am talking about traveling in the year 2018. I have made just a small business trip to Hungary otherwise I stayed just in Prague.

To summarize that all. I would say so-so. I made an amazing trip at the beginning of the year but otherwise, I stayed just home. So let’s try that better in 2019.


My relationships weren’t that turbulent like in the previous year. I am still in touch with the girl I met in Bali otherwise nothing interesting happened.

I would say it was good cuz my feelings didn’t circulate like the last year but still, it is not so good to have a girlfriend on the other side of the world. So I must make some decisions on how I will continue.


Disaster Disaster Disaster. I hoped I still can keep going with the usual pace (1 post per week) but in the end, I couldn’t even write 1 post per month. I wrote only 14 posts in 2018 that’s so bad compared to previous years. Like I am not on the way and just staying in my hometown Prague its not really anything to write about. If not gonna change soon I will probably stop blogging on

Yeah, another hard decision to make. Actually, I like to write about my feelings and everything but it’s not really the right material for this blog so maybe I will start another blog but I am not 100% sure yet. I don’t want to stop blogging cuz I think its an important part of my life (if I am talking about self-improvement and so). Will see definitely will keep you informed.


I was expecting the most changes in my working path. The reality there were changes but I don’t feel really happy where I am heading. After my comeback, I started looking for a new job. The circle of the interviews began at the end of February 2018.

I was applying for the position around Online marketing (e-commerce specialist, email marketing specialist and so). I have been to many interviews but without any success. The problem was that I don’t have that much working experience in this field and also I was applying for big companies not because I would really like to work there but so I want to earn a lot of money and maybe later move again abroad. Not really the nicest purpose and I think the interviewers could feel it. I end up at my friend’s company where I am doing literally everything from sales to accounting to website editing.

I didn’t even think of any new website project. One time I wanted to jump to Dropshipping business I saw a lot of videos on youtube. I even made a website but as soon I finished it I realized its not business for me. Haha yeah, stupid Emil but again at least I gained some experience.

If I am talking about working, it wasn’t really a successful year I failed to a lot of job interviews, I didn’t make any new project on my own but at least I got some job…


I didn’t play much. One time I didn’t play at all but fortunately last a few weeks I started practicing again but I didn’t form any band I didn’t learn anything new. So very very very bad, try harder next year Emil!


If I’m not wrong I finished just 5 books this year. I really didn’t read a lot. There was not much motivation and I am really lazy to find good books. I read some self-help/ motivations book cuz like I am now struggling with the purpose of my life I need to find some help. Anyway, I think I read a lot of online articles at least. But I hope it was just a little reading break this year and in 2019 it will be much better.

Family and friends

Right at the beginning of the year during my trip to Japan and Korea, I met my new friends from Canada and It was Perfect. Everyone was so nice to me. They showed me their cities and made my trip unforgettable. My friend Kazu even visited me in Prague and also another friend from Canada came to visit me. I am very very happy about it that we can still stay in touch. I hope that in the following years we can still manage some meetings.

With my old friends from Prague, it’s a little bit worse. We didn’t hang out much. Its because I still don’t have much money to go out every weekend or doing some trips abroad. But I feel that there grew a little gap between us. I was a long time away and I think I changed a little and them as well. But I would like to work on it and be back on the same track with them.

I have been with my family more, of course, cuz I spent almost a whole year in the Czech republic. I spent some nice times with my nephews when I was babysitting there and that is making me very happy.

As you can know I keep living with my mom. My mind is kinda divided its good I am here with her cuz she is very sick so I can care about her but on the other hand, of course, I want to live on my own. I will see what the following months bring.

Plans for 2018 vs reality

  • Keep learning Spanish – not success I lost the track and I couldn’t force myself to learn again but there is a little light at the end of the year cuz I started with Duolingo again.
  • Don’t stop speaking English and keep improving my pronunciation – I speak a little but I forgot a lot. So no success.
  • Still read a lot – As I mentioned I didn’t read much. just 5 books, not a success
  • Play guitar – I still playing but not much
  • Cut my time on a smartphone – I think I am not using the smartphone that much but still, I spend some time there.
  • Keep writing my blog – I mentioned before not a success just 14 blog posts.
  • Improve my posture (I think really not metaphor haha just keep my body in good shape) – not a success I didn’t do any workout.
  • Do some sport – I started with boxing at the end of the year
  • Secret wish – I didn’t make it happened – no success

Yeah as you can see It is a big disaster Hope will be better with my 2019 plans hehe.

Plans for 2019

Keep learning Spanish, keep playing guitar, keep brushing my teeth twice a day (I mean the right way), Keep doing 200wordsaday challenge, speaking English more, start at least one website project with a strong focus, keep doing some sport at least twice a week, be more positive, cook for myself at least three times per week, read at least one book per month, keep writing down my expenses.

Yeah, that’s probably enough, will see how successful it will be this year.

To be honest I wasn’t really happy in 2018. Nothing goes as I planned. I get stuck back home without much money, I couldn’t find a good job and in general, I was just struggling all year.

But this is just life, it is going up and down. I will try to keep it up in 2019. I promise.

There is one last thing I would like to mention in this post. At the end of the year, I had a big car accident we ended upside down in the roadside. My father was driving, my grandmother was in the back and I was on the front seat. Fortunately, nobody was hurt (the seat belts saved us). But it was really scary. During the accident, you feel like you are watching a movie in the cinema and you don’t realize you are part of it.

I am still thinking about it and what could happen, but it also helps me to realize that I shouldn’t waste my time with stupid things and stupid thoughts and just focus on how can I enjoy and actually live my life … until I am still alive.

Everybody, please take care.

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