How was my life in 2019 and plans for the next year

The new year is here. Time to look back and think about what happened in 2019.

If you would like to read my previous posts. You can check the 2017 review here and the 2018 review here.:)

I will go through all the categories as usual even though some of them will stay pretty blank. Anyway, let’s go.

Health and overall personal condition

Yeah, a new category but probably the most important. Even though 2019 was pretty calm in case of some changes and unexpected events. I didn’t feel really well during the year.

I must say I do not work really hard. So I cannot be overwhelmed by this but I feel I am still in “looking for something phase”. I am not really happy at work, life and everything.. so probably it all led to some kind of burnout.

I have never experienced that before so I cannot say for sure but it stills here. I am shaking, not have energy, mood swings, overall laziness.

It’s sure not really comfortable.

I am trying to get out of this state of mind.

I need to work out regularly, eat healthily, sleep well and focus on some nice personal projects. That’s the only way how I can feel better again.

I hope it’s not gonna take too long.


As I mentioned in the previous paragraph in some categories nothing really happened.

If I am talking about traveling in 2019 was a big disappointment.

No money, no will, and no plans it resulted in no traveling.

I didn’t leave the Czech Republic and my only travel was to the mountains.

To be honest, I am not so sad about it. Of course, I like traveling fever. I enjoy new places and so but I do not really care that much. I enjoyed a lot with my whole Toronto experience and the afterlife so I am not thriving for it now.

It can change soon of course.


Not much happening here either. The same as last year. Not sure if I am mad about it or not. Its just life. I don’t feel depressed even though I am getting older. I guess I need to take it easy and I will see if it gets better. πŸ™‚


The biggest progress was in the blogging sphere. Even though I mentioned in the last review that I am gonna stop. The complete opposite happened.

I wrote the most post in my life. This blog got 49 new blog posts (sure some of them are super short but it still counts :)).

Sure it wasn’t easy but this change didn’t happen just like that.

The biggest reason is that I found the 200 Words a day project. You just simply need to write every day 200 words to improve your writing skills.

It pushes to keep going and today I just finished one year. I was able to write for the whole year. Yeah, who would expect that in the beginning :)?

It wasn’t just about the pure sense of writing but also about the people who gather there. From all around the world with interesting topics.

I discovered also the Makers movement and all this mixture gave me a lot of topics to write about here.

Sure the content here changed I just couldn’t write about traveling if I do not travel right. But fortunately, the name of this website is wide enough so my side projects endeavors and my personal life struggles still fit here.

Except for the monthly reviews, I would say the most interesting posts in 2019 were: WTE is gonna continue!!! Make and Shake, History of my website projects, Let’s talk about my habits, 30 days of running (challenge completed), Upgrading the old Macbook Pro.


I am still at the same daily job as a year before. I work at my friend’s company. Its really small one so everything is in a big chaos.

I care about websites, sell products, communicate with the customers, do some office work and care about invoices. Its kinda wide range. I would say it should be better than just have one boring routine still I feel very uncomfortable.

So many things going around my head and I am not able to do one properly.

I need to care about my well being and try somehow figure out this situation.

If I am talking about side projects it was much more interesting. Even though I am not happy about the results at least I started something new.

I renewed my old affiliate website which earns some money. Exactly 26 USD which pretty sucks but better than nothing.

I started a very ambitious project I hoped it could be the one. Fortunately, I lost interest soon. Anyway, it was still a big experience and I tried to write a little deeper and better content. The most successful post was Coda vs Notion which brings over 1000 visitors and keeps going and I haven’t touched it for months.

Probably the biggest step out of the comfort zone was my Youtube channel OrganizedLife. I made some videos and post it to the public I wouldn’t say it can ever happen haha. The channel has 19 new videos, 54 subscribers, 1900 views. I am really thrilled about it and plan to somehow continue with Youtube.


Almost all the year it looks like my guitar playing is over. The dust falling on my guitars and I couldn’t force myself to practice.

It changed at the very end of the year. My friend started playing and used the same app like me and beat all my scores. I couldn’t keep it like that so I slowly get back to it. Since then I practice every day.

I use the Yousicion app where I can learn something new and it also gives me some daily routine. I would say I play around 30 minutes every day.

It is not much but I need to start slowly and build the habit after that I can add more. I would like to definitely learn some new songs or write my own songs in the near future. Just stick with the practicing and I will get there πŸ™‚


I couldn’t read regularly. I always read a few books in a row and then stopped for many months. In total, I finished 10 books (I reread the Compound effect).

The books mostly focused on personal development and motivation. Sometimes you just have this period. It’s easy to read and can give you the needed push.

10 books it’s not much but better than nothing.

My top three books in 2019. Start with Why, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and Late Bloomers (probably the best book I read lately. It was just right on point).

Family and friends

I am still living with my mom and care about her. She is kinda sick but fortunately, it got a little bit better during the year.

So, on the one hand, it sucks I am with my mom cuz of the privacy and my own life but on the other hand I can keep eye on her. Of course, if I would jump into some serious relationship I would have to move out.

Since my comeback, I am with my family quite often. I babysit my nieces and nephews. Seeing my sister and brothers. Do running with my father.

I would say it is a pretty normal relationship across the family and I like it.

If I am talking about my friends it’s a little bit worse. I do not hang out with them that much. I do not have much power or I am just being lazy.

I also do not like to drink that much, cuz the next day I am always dead and I cannot do anything. It’s probably somehow connected to my health situation or I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t like some party related behavior of my friends last year there is a lot of drugs everywhere. It wasn’t always like that.

Plans for 2019 vs reality

  • Keep learning Spanish – I would say its success. I got back to Duolingo and I hold there a long daily streak but I need to focus more on speaking in the next year
  • Keep playing guitar – It looks like a disaster but at the end of the year, I got back on track and I practice daily.
  • Keep brushing my teeth twice a day (I mean the right way) – I was doing everything correctly since I broke my electric toothbrush. Still, I count it as a success. I already bought a new one and brushing my teeth correctly again.
  • Keep doing 200wordsaday challenge – Big success. Today I just passed one year of writing. I couldn’t believe I can make it.
  • Speaking English more – I speak English from time to time (dates, my foreign friends) but totally it’s a big downfall. I need to work harder.
  • Start at least one website project with a strong focus – The first part of this goal I fulfill. I made Nocemag, OrganizeLife channel and renew the Oblibenatricka. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my focus and I gave up on these projects after a while. I still learned a lot of new things.
  • Keep doing some sport at least twice a week – It’s a success. I stayed with boxing for the whole year and I run kinda a lot. Sure I could do more but I am happy at least about this.
  • Be more positive – I failed big time. As I mentioned in the Health category I feel pretty bad the whole year and it affected my moods. I wasn’t positive at all.
  • Cook for myself at least three times per week – Sometimes I cooked for myself but definitely not 3 times a week and definitely not regularly. This goal was one big fail. I ate also very unhealthy. πŸ™
  • Read at least one book per month – I finished 10 books. So I didn’t make my goal. Still, I read more than last year and slowly got back on the reading track. So half success.
  • Keep writing down my expenses – FAIL. I didn’t write down anything and maybe it’s a good thing. If I would see how stupidly I spend money maybe I would be more depressed hehe.

The result is not that bad. I expected it worse. I didn’t go through last year’s report so I am kinda surprised I could make almost all my goals.

Sure there is a lot of space for improvement but it could be worse haha. I am gonna set something challenging for the next year.

Plans for 2020

Start a new project or continue with the current one with strong focus and dedication, earn money with some side project, keep learning Spanish – more talking, keep practicing guitar – write a song, continue with this blog, read at least 2 books a month (24 in total), keep brushing my teeth properly, be bald and proud :), keep running, keep boxing or another sport, travel for surfing, keep learning Illustrator, make some designs and print on t-shirts, keep writing 10 ideas daily, meditate, do at least 5 pull-ups a day, keep writing on 200WaD, eat healthier, try to challenge my laziness, make everything simple as possible.

2019 is over, 2020 here I come. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil

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