How was my life in 2020 and plans for the next year

It was kinda different year, right?! Challenge for all of us.

Welcome to my 2020 review.

If you like these kinds of reviews, you can check my 2017, 2018, 2019 reports.

I will keep the categories so you can compare.

It was my 5th year of blogging. It feels like yesterday when I went to Canada and started this blog. I am happy I could stick with it.

Let’s go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Health and overall personal condition

Even all the COVID going all around. I think I felt much better this year. Definitely better than last year. I just need to be more aware of what I eat and watch out for allergies.

I think I am not yet 100% but I do small steps to get there.

If the gyms were open I quite regularly visit boxing lessons if not I push myself to run.

I also started playing soccer once a week with my friends.

It is such an essential thing, if you do not move you are dead. I cannot be lazy and do as much work out as possible.


I was checking last year’s report and it’s almost the same with one exception even cuz all the lockdowns I was able to go to Italy for a short trip with my dad. It feels pretty sad (the only trip in two years) but I could enjoy it and I actually do not miss traveling that much. It’s just not an essential part of my life.


I was locked down and I do not actively look for a new relationship. Since April I am out of all the dating apps. I just didn’t feel it and It just not the right thing for me.

Side projects

ITs a new category I should bring this earlier but whatever. This year I started two projects – Czech project about balding. IT was made especially for the affiliate. It got some tracking and I could get actually kinda a lot of people there but it earned almost nothing and as you could guess I lost interest almost immediately.

The second project is It a newsletter dedicated to interviews about making projects online. I invested a lot of time into it and tried to show it to the world as much as possible (even my friends which is not usual) I paid FB ads to get some subscribers but after a few issues I gave up again. The total count of subscribers is 200.

The rest of my projects (,,, Efran Youtube channel) mentioned in my regular monthly reviews have the same faith and I am not able to improve them.

I am simply the worst I cannot stick with anything and If I lost interest I just cannot continue the hustle. I definitely need to work on it this year.

I can mention here also my design tries. I uploaded designs regularly on a site called Redbubble (shop will all of my designs). I needed something where I can put my Photoshop and Illustrator creations. I didn’t expect earnings but to my surprise, some of my designs were sold. I earned so far (October, November, December) a total of 31.8 USD. Better than nothing right?!:)


The best year of my blogging career. I was able to upload the most post in the history of this personal blog. 63 posts in 2020. It was quite a ride. Most of the year I was even able to keep the regular posting schedule (every Tuesday). It was random, at the end of the year, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ but I am very happy about my dedication.

I must admit I wasn’t able to keep the quality high. Some posts were good but usually, I write just some personal fluff. I need to do better the next year.

If I would have to pick the best posts for the year it would be definitely theย Letโ€™s Ask the Authors and Bloggers series. I contacted the real heroes of the writing scene and asked them some questions. I didn’t expect many answers but to my surprise, I could make 3 part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Amazing experience and step out of the comfort zone for sure.

I attempted also to write my first E-Book. I wanted to try it and push my writing to another level. I knew the topic and in about two weeks I had finished E-book called “How to fail a blog“. One of the biggest achievements in 2020.

I continued to write 200 words on the site called 200words a day/Cowriters/Writelier. It was an amazing ride and the count stopped on 700 days mark. I was able to write almost two years in a row without breaking a streak. I cannot believe it. 700 days were a nice mark and I was ready to go. Right now is this blog my only writing space.

I need to take a break now and maybe focus more on quality than quantity.


At the end of March, I quit my daily job. It was the thing I have been planning for a long time but the COVID crisis just makes it faster. I have saved some money so I have had some space to think and focus on my projects.

That was a goal. Use my full strength onto my side projects. At that time I was starting and I really hoped that can be the thing I am gonna stick with. The first weeks of my freelance career were very productive and I did write very nice articles for my projects but as usual, my motivation faded over time. I am probably retarded. Since then I just hang around my computer and jumping back and forth.

I tried to improve my Design skills. I bought Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator courses and at the end of the year, I tried something in Adobe Premier but it was just a little touch. Especially in Photoshop, I make big steps of progression but I am still just a beginner. Design is just my hobby. In the meantime, I tried the Newsletter project but again I lost track after a few weeks.

I was very productive first months of my freelance/lockdown time but to be honest it was more as a learning period than a making money period. Unfortunately, it hasn’t got better but worse. I was less and less motivated and right now I am usually just listening to podcasts.

My money drying out so I will need to look for a regular job again. The problem is the focus. I need one project and put all my motivation there. I guess the money is the key, if I will see some traction I will be able to stick with it.


I didn’t write a song but I could play almost every day. I use the Yousician app for practice. I don’t think I got any better but fortunately didn’t get worse. The guitar is just my hobby. If I can play some songs and just enjoy the moment that’s everything what I need.


Well Well. I guess that was the most turbulent year. I set a goal to finish at least 2 books a month. It doesn’t sound like a lot but the year before I was far away from this number.

Once again I realized I cannot set monthly goals. My reading habit is strong but it usually comes in the waves. I can read many books in one month but none in the second and so on and so forth. I had a very strong first half of the year, I read regularly and my schedule was on point. Unfortunately, I got stuck with one book and couldn’t jump back on the train.

Fortunately, I saved the year with a strong finish. I think I finished about 7 books in the last two months and I could pass the 24 number mark. I was ready to give up in October but suddenly I was back. A very successful year in the case of reading.

Family and friends

Yeah, COVID is here. It was different but if you wanted you still could meet your friends. I didny quite meet many friends but if I talk about my family it was one of the better years. We can stick together in these hard times and strengthen our relationship.

Sure I need to work on my relationship with my friends. I need to get out more and care more.

Plans for 2020 vs reality

  • Start a new project or continue with the current one with a strong focus and dedication – I don’t think I reached this goal. Sure I started two new projects ( and but I wasn’t able to focus push the projects to another level.
  • Earn money with some side project – It was a success even though it’s nothing I could be proud of.,, Nocodemag even the Redbubble shop brought me some money. My total earnings from all the side projects in 2020 are 108,8 USD! Hooray ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Keep learning Spanish โ€“ more talking – I keep having my Duolingo streak (it’s already 734 days) but I didn’t use Spanish in real life at all. I must work on it more. Not a success.
  • Keep practicing guitar โ€“ write a song – I played guitar more than last year but I haven’t been able to write a song. I will probably give up this goal but I still wanna play and improve. Not a success.
  • Continue with this blog – What a success. I haven’t been able to bring up more audience but I wrote the most posts in the history of this blog. I am very happy about it.
  • Read at least 2 books a month (24 in total) – Success! It was a last-minute call but I was able to read 24 books in 2020. You can see the list in the section.
  • Keep brushing my teeth properly – So so. I brushed my teeth regularly but not properly. After many years I visited the dentist at the end of the year. I need to care about my teeth more.
  • Be bald and proud – It’s a success. I am rocking the bald look the whole year without any hesitation. My friends and family got used to it very quickly and no one really cares about it. The most important thing is to set up your mind and stay positive.
  • Keep running – It’s a success. I didn’t go regularly but I managed to stay with this habit throughout the whole year. I need to keep pushing next year. Running is a personal therapy and a very important part of my life (it’s even more important with this covid craziness).
  • Keep boxing or another sport – Yes, it’s a success. If there wasn’t a lockdown I was boxing very often. I also started playing soccer once a week.
  • Travel for surfing – COVID, no money -> no surfing. Big fail.
  • Keep learning Illustrator – Yeah, I stayed with Illustrator and I added Photoshop as well. It’s a success.
  • Make some designs and print them on t-shirts – I made t-shirts for my nieces and nephews. I improved my skills and it looked better than last year. Success.
  • Keep writing 10 ideas daily – Yeah, I keep writing my thoughts, ideas and struggles into simple papery notebooks. Success.
  • Meditate – I gave up. I didn’t feel it. I couldn’t stick with it after a few sessions. Fail.
  • Do at least 5 pull-ups a day – Success. One of the habits that really improved my life. I do even more pull-ups every day (10 + 5 daily). My back doesn’t hurt anymore I highly recommend doing pull-ups as much as possible
  • Keep writing on 200WaD – This long habit ended at the beginning of December. It was a great ride but it was time to move on. Still, it’s a very big achievement. I was able to write 200 words every day for 700 days in a row. Amazing streak.
  • Eat healthier – Not a success. I do eat everything and do not keep any healthy diet. Fail.
  • Try to challenge my laziness – It got a little better at the beginning of the COVID crisis I had a strong schedule and worked hard but it faded out. Right now I am the laziness I have ever been.
  • Make everything as simple as possible – Not really a tangible goal. I guess I live a simple life but it should be more related to my “future” business

Plans for 2021

Keep doing pull-ups, Strongly focus on a project with a community – earn some money, Keep doing box and playing soccer (if the crisis allows), Keep playing guitar, Read at least 24 books a year, Keep improving my design skills (using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), Make more videos for Instagram or Youtube (using Adobe Premiere and After Effects), Keep running – 500Km a year goal, Care more about my health (Food, Exercise, Mind), Continue with and write quality content, Earn more than spend.

Let’s make the 2021 Amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned. Emil