I am good with finding excuses

As you could see in the previous post I was super motivated to start doing something. The reality is, unfortunately, a little bit different.

I didn’t do almost anything in past weeks. Every day I write down some project ideas (inspired by James Altucher and his Idea machine process) but still, I didn’t move any of my ideas further.

I think I have some promising one, but I am not sure with the execution.

A similar project to one of my most doable and kinda an idea I wanted to start my making-shaking career was recently launched on Product Hunt so I did step back (maybe I will get back to it later).

The idea was to make a web where you could upload your ideas and kinda get some feedback before you start even working on it, just prevalidate your idea, so you wouldn’t waste your time on stupid and nonsense ideas but the @elijahmurray was faster and made http://www.shouldimakethis.com.

I wanted to do it slightly different but still I will try to do something else I hope.

Anyway, back to the point. Excuses, excuses, and excuses. Emil, you are the best in it.

Too much work, not enough time, not enough skills, I always find something to avoid working and executing my ideas. It’s my daily bread.

So the motto for the following weeks is “Stop finding excuses and just work, Emil!!

I think there is already the breaking point where I must to start doing something otherwise I will not fullfil my dream path.

I wanna be my own boss and follow just my orders. I mentioned in the make and shake post. I am lazy if I must working for clients, so I must stop being a bad employee and start being a good self shaker (haha I don’t really know why I decided for this word but let’s just go with the flow).

I just did a little update of this website. I add the apps page where you can find the phone apps or websites I use regularly with small description why. I think it could be interesting for someone.

I am thinking to redesign the Worktravelenjoy.com completely but I didn’t find the right template yet. I think the new start deserves a refreshed design.

OK, this post should serve as a statement and public commitment. Stop hanging around and kick off for the right path of my life.

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Stay with me. Emil.