I do not read the daily news

It’s almost always like that but my monthly review came just one day before my regular blog post.

Its better for the readers but harder for me to come up with some quality content.

Anyway, I try haha πŸ™‚

As the headline says I am gonna talk about how I avoid reading the daily news.

Its been already while. I think I started before I went to Canada so about 4 years. Yeah, it’s kinda a long time.

I think I started cuz some self-help books. It’s mentioning a lot across different kinds of books. So one day I had just decided to start and these habits stick with me until today.

There is only one exception, of course, I read sports news. I am a huge fan of sports (maybe two with tech news :)) so I cannot get rid of reading news about my favorites teams and all other stuff. Recently I have been thinking about it and I need to limit even this I am able to browse the news a little too much and waste a lot of time there but lets back to the main topic :D.

The regular news, which you can see on a daily basis everywhere I completely abandoned.

Someone would say it’s not the smartest thing ever cuz you miss a lot of important information.

That’s true but first of all, there is just a little percentage of really important news and if it’s really really important it still gets to me. My friends or family tell me.

I just don’t feel I missing something.

The benefits are clear I can better control what is incoming into my mind. I do not mess my thoughts with daily useless news. I am less worried cuz I don’t see the tragic news which bringing media all day long. I am very emotional so I can really have a bad time to think about different car accidents, weather disasters and so. I take this as a huge benefit which helping me to be a little more positive.

I wouldn’t say it saves some time for your productivity cuz maybe it’s just me but I always find some substitution how I can waste my time haha. So I do not do it to be more productive (I would say many people are like that).

Some topics are completely out of my focus. The best example is politics. You gonna hate me for this but I do not care about politics at all. I am just tired to listen to all the blabbing and a lot of pointless discussions.

It doesn’t mean I do not vote. Of course, I vote. I have in my mind some direction which I prefer and I voting for but I just avoid the bluff. If there is some important question and important discussion to hold I can always ask my friends about that particular topic and listen to smarter opinion.

In the end, I just wanna say this is just my direction and my life. I do not say it is the right way how to handle the daily news. It’s just another opinion which you can consider. Always decide according to your needs and interests. πŸ™‚

What about you, do you try to avoid the news as well? Let me know in the comment section. πŸ™‚

Do you think its a stupid habit? Tell me why in the comments!:)

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Stay with me. Emil