Improving my Habits

Ok, I lie a little bit in the headline. I haven’t improved anything yet.

As you could read in some of my posts. I do some habits every day. I am quite successful in case of persistence and sticking with them day by day.

It’s good and I can be sure proud of myself (If no one else haha)

Anyway, that’s just one part. The second part should be to add more. After some period of time. Move to another step. Not sticking just with the routine but keep moving forward.

This part is super hard for me. I am good at showing up every day but I am not good at moving forward. I can do 5 pulls ups for one year but what if I would add up one more after few weeks?! It wouldn’t hurt me for sure. But I am just lazy or too comfortable to go for it.

Unfortunately, it’s the same for all of my habits.

I would like to make a public commitment. It helped me in the past.

This year is gonna be about improvements. Moving forward and get me to the next step and far.

If it’s written down I cannot take it back πŸ™‚

Let’s overview my current habits and write down a goal for each of them. Some additional step which can skyrocket the effect of the particular habit.

  1. 200 Words a day ( – I have been writing 200 words a day already over the year. What a ride. I keep going. Which additional steps I could make?! I guess I could write something longer except these blog posts? OK. This is gonna be a little wider, not sure how actionable. I wanna write some E-book this year. So as soon as I find a topic. Let’s write once a week 500 words a day into the e-book.
  2. Duolingo – Learning Spanish – Yeah another long going streak. I keep doing my exercises but that not enough. I do not feel I learn much and definitely cannot speak. So my goal is to start speaking Spanish. Every week I am gonna talk to someone in Spanish. It can be just a few words, one sentence but I must say it.
  3. 5-pullups a day. Easy let’s do 8 pull-ups a day and until the end of the year have 10 a day.
  4. Meditation 4 minutes – It’s still kinda new habit but for sure 4 minutes is nothing and I can barely calm myself at that time. Improvement is needed. Lest slowly improve the timing and until the end of the year meditate every day at least for 15 minutes.
  5. Learning Adobe Illustrator – I am following an Udemy course. So daily I am slowly moving forward until the end. I bought 3 more courses. So the main goal is to finish them all. But the ultimate goal is to start doing my own things and get paid for it!
  6. Writing 10 Ideas/thoughts/quotes a day – Should be stupid to make new and new projects every day but let’s try to execute one idea or though a month. Just move forward with something a little further. Try to do research, talk with friends or family and so on. It can be just a simple step.
  7. Read 2 books a month – the First step is to actually finish 2 books a month. The further step could be to write a review or if its gonna be some self-help book just use some thoughts out of the book in my life.
  8. Write one post a week here on – This is not gonna be about writing. It’s covered on the first point. This one is gonna be more about promotion. I would like to promote more this blog. Do not be shy and show my blog to the world. Sure I must work on the quality too.
  9. Practice guitar – Yeah I am back on track and I play daily. The one goal is to practice more and harder and the second one is to write some little songs during the year and record it.

Ok, that’s it. These habits I am doing daily.

I wrote down my goals so the public commitment is real. Hopefully, I am gonna be able to make everything. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil