Improving WTE + new video

The weeks are going super fast don’t you think? Tuesday is here so as my new regular scheduled post. Welcome πŸ™‚

This week I worked again a little on this blog. First I went through all the posts here and updated them for the new design. It was quite a time consuming but all the photo galleries look much better now as I transferred them into the blocks with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor (don’t hate me but I actually like the Gutenberg editor). The posts look cleaner also. I tried to look for grammar mistakes as well. All the changes should be for the better. πŸ™‚

In the following days, I wanna improve every page here. I began with the Books section. The goal is to add a pic of the book, short personal review and my rating. The rating is usually high cuz I am picking already from well-reviewed books hehe anyway sometimes I am disappointed so I would like to share with you a few words about the book. I wanted also add an affiliate link* to Amazon in case you would like to buy but as I am not from the US I cannot be an affiliate partner :/. I need to find some other way.

*If you would wonder what affiliate means. Here is the explanation. If you would buy something on Amazon through my link I would get a little commission. The price wouldn’t be any higher for you. I would get just a little bonus. I am gonna recommend just what is worth it. Never recommend any crap for my readers I promise. I added it to my manifesto post!:)

Last week I posted also a new video to my OrganizedLife channel. This time I don’t talk about the Coda doc itself but just showing the best ideas and what was going through my mind when I was writing them down. I think it’s quite interesting. The ideas are not perfect but I just wanted to show you that you don’t need to be afraid to keep this habit. You can write down literally everything hehe.:) See the video below.

I would say it’s everything for today. Most of the week I worked on I didn’t start working on another project but hopefully soon. I was thinking to proceed with some of the ideas from the video to the next step and built the project “live” I mean – make some more videos + posts but so far I am not really confident 100% with any of that ideas. Hopefully, something better comes to my mind soon.

This week I was pondering the thoughtWhat if it’s not really about the projects themselves but about the writing about them?” What I wanna say by that is. Maybe I don’t really care what kind of project I would build but I’m 100% sure I would always enjoy writing about it and share the process with you. So no more excuses and let’s jump into something :).

Comeback next week and you will see!:)

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Stay with me. Emil.

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