January 2021 stats and overview

The new year is already one-month shorter so it’s time for a regular monthly review.

I am gonna change things here. I gave up keeping records about Nocodemag and Oblibenatricka. I still have these projects but I do not plan to upload anything there. It’s pointless to write about them.

It was a nice ride but let’s focus on project I actually work on.

I will stay with Worktravelenjoy.com and Efran Youtube channel.

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

My personal blog is my safe space, my diary. Just a website where can I freely write about my daily wins and struggles.

It’s not any business plan behind it. It’s just about writing. The last year brought a new record in case of new posts here. I do not plan to stay behind this year no matter how big the audience is gonna be.

Efran Youtube channel

Even though I haven’t posted anything in few months. I decided to make the Youtube channel my main focus in 2021.

I have been watching many YouTubers recently and I just wanna dive into this hustle. I just feel it’s the right thing to do.

It brings big changes. I will start recording in my native language and will show come in front of a camera. Big step out of my comfort zone but whatever I do not care.

I like challenges and this is gonna be one of the biggest one.

I already uploaded the first video so let’s get back to the schedule and make one new video every week. I do have some plans so it should make it easier.

I am gonna probably lost my subscribers first cuz my current subscribers will not understand a word but hopefully, I can bring new ones. Wish me luck.

Month summary

Yeah, the focus is clear now. I do not wanna jump back an forth and do many things. Better to take one and do it properly.

I hope it’s gonna help me to stay motivated and don’t give up as usual. Next month’s review will show us if I was right.

Making videos is not easy so I am gonna spend most of my time doing that.

Stay tuned. Emil