Journey to Bali

The new adventure is starting, I decided to go to Bali to extend a little bit my vacations πŸ™‚ .. I bought just one-way ticket cuz I would like to travel on my way back (visit Japan and Korea).

In Bali will probably stay around 2 months. ( I’m gonna housekeeping my friend’s house, I’m gonna get accommodation and scooter for free everything else gonna have to pay).

So yeah again on the road. I fly with China airlines, cuz I took a surfboard and they have sport equipment included in the cost of the regular ticket .. My trip is Prague -> Frankfurt -> Taipei -> Bali (whole one day) .. I booked my ticket this time through the website and it cost 16000CZK, just one way ticket yeah pretty expensive, but it was really last minute so no wonder. I made a big decision and that was to travel without a guitar, I am kinda tired to carry my guitar everywhere and yeah for the way back trip it wouldn’t be really convenient to have it with me. Hopefully, somebody has a guitar in Bali already otherwise no practice.

Bali is on the other side of the world so it takes a whole day to get there. 1.5 hour to Frankfurt, 12.5 to Taipei and finally 5.5 from Taipei to Bali, especially the middle flight was pretty intense, but you can at least watch movies (i saw wonder woman and cars 3 and some Chinese comedy), play games and so. Have to say that China airlines have pretty good service, lots of food, flight attendants keep coming with drinks, I like flying with them. I had 2 hours stopover in Frankfurt and 3 hours in Taipei, there wasn’t any problem, it was enough time to transfer for connecting flights. I ‘ve been already to Bali once 5 years ago and had had the same trip so I knew that should be ok and it was. πŸ™‚

Because I want to stay in Bali for two months I needed care about the visa. you can apply at the Indonesia embassy in Prague, you can get a visitor visa for 2 months and you can even extend. unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do it. so I applied just for visa on arrival. you get 30 days(it cost 35USD) but you can extend one time for another 30days. If you want to stay less then 30days I can get a visa for free, but it cannot be extended. Actually, I didn’t know about it so now I’m gonna have to leave Indonesia after 30 days, probably will go to Kuala Lumpur for a few days and then come back.

Why am I running away again? I think I need to answer this question.

The first thing is probably, that I still don’t know what I want to do in my life, I could go back to the office, but I don’t feel its right(not yet).

Second, I still have some savings so I didn’t have the right motivation to start looking for the job after I will spend all my money in Bali, I am gonna have to find something.

Third Bali is a great place for surfing and I love to surf and with this housekeeping opportunity it feels like the right thing to do and finally fourth no excuses I am a little bit lazy and I wanted to extend my vacation, cuz after this trip no other option than jump into the real life left.
No pessimism now I have hopefully over 2 months fun and new experience ahead of me. so let’s enjoy it with me. ill try to get back to my weekly posting schedule. So stay tuned and live Bali with me!:) see ya next week.