July 2019 stats and overview

The end of the month is here so I am bringing you the monthly report of my projects. You can see the previous month report here.

It’s already the second review so I can compare my goals from June with actual values.

I will add my new project Nocodemag.com cuz It’s been running already a few weeks so I can see some numbers.

Let’s do it 🙂

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

Worktravelenjoy.com stats July

Not really much to say. My blog is struggling big time. Just see the numbers haha.

The metrics I am focusing on:

  • New blog posts in June: 6 (counting this one) – I overpass my goal (5) so all good
  • Pageviews: 331 – Okay, this didn’t work that well. I got even less than in the previous month and I was far from my goal (1000) 😀
  • New users: 34 – I got two more users compared to June, but I didn’t pass my goal (50)
  • Average session duration: 5 min 46 sec – I didn’t prolong the stay on my website (10 minutes), not sure if it’s the right statistic to measure haha
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0 – Yeah no one still in my mailing list haha 😀

Okay, this was a disaster. I cannot see any improvement. Still, not planning to give up.

Goals for the next month

  • My goal is gonna be the same, always wanna write at least 5 posts per month.
  • I believe in myself, let’s try to reach 1000 again 🙂
  • Cannot think big here either haha. So again 50 new users, please
  • And average session duration – I am not gonna look at this metric anymore it’s stupid.
  • it would be one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me if I could get at least one subscriber haha 😀

New project Nocodemag.com

Nocodemag.com july stats

I started this project 7th of July so I cannot compare it with anything. I uploaded 3 new articles and the did a little promo on Twitter. Will see following months how is the project going and if gonna grow.

Basic metrics since 7th of July:

  • New blog posts in July: 3
  • Pageviews: 165
  • New users: 48
  • Bounce rate: 70 %
  • Subscription to the mailing list: 0

It’s nothing I know but starting a new project is never gonna be easy. I am gonna try to promote a little bit more following weeks.

Goals for the next month

I wanna be ambitious with this project. So lets set some higher goals.

  • New blog posts: 4 – Next month I am gonna keep the pace one post a week but definitely, plan to add at least one more but right now I do not have the capacity.
  • Pageviews: 1000 – I think it’s not that much but for me, it would be a great success to get to this point.
  • New users: 100 – My focus is to grow the audience. Hopefully, the new content will reach more people and I can fulfill my goal.
  • Bounce rate: 55 % – I need to keep the audience on my website, try to write better and more content.
  • Subscription to the mailing list: 2 (so high 😀 )

Youtube channel Organized life

The Organized Life youtube channel stats - July

The channel is gonna be part of the Nocodemag.com. The content will change a little bit so hopefully, will not lose many current subscribers. I am planning to rename the channel but I haven’t done it yet.

See the numbers from July

  • New videos on July: 5 – I am keeping the pace and I am happy about it. One video a week is all I can manage now (I couldn’t make 6).
  • Views: 204 – I haven’t reached my goal (400) still the number a little higher than last time. So all good 🙂
  • Watch time: 244 minutes – I was probably too optimistic with 400 and watch time is almost the same as the last month (249).
  • Subscribers: 21(+ 7) – I got new subscribers what is amazing, didn’t get to 30 marks but still good.

Goals for the next month:

  • Not gonna make a big goal here. Let’s keep the pace and make one video a week. The number should be at least 5 new videos a month.
  • Views are important. I believe I can still grow and reach 300 views in the following month.
  • Watch time should grow at least to 300 minutes.
  • Cuz the transformation I am a little worried that I am gonna lose a few of my subscribers. Let’s make an honest goal. 30 subscribers at the end of August would be great to have.

The affiliate site oblibenatricka.cz

Oblibenatricka.cz - j
July stats.

I didn’t expect anything with this project but I got first commission this month so the project actually makes some money! Unbelievable haha. It’s still nothing but I am super optimistic now. During Christmas time it could make decent money. Will see. Let’s check the July numbers.

The July results and some basic metrics

  • New posts in July: 4 – I could make my goal easily
  • Pageviews: 191 – The pageviews grow a little but I was too optimistic with the prediction (400) hehe
  • New users: 81 – I succeed I fulfill my goal perfectly 🙂
  • Commissions: 1 – Whoooo, I got some money and fulfilled my goal!:)

Goals for the next month:

  • The project is going well if I compared the time I am working on it. Let’s keep the pace and make one new post a week.
  • A pageview is probably not the great metric for this kind of project so I am not gonna check this metric anymore.
  • Let’s try to double down again and get 160 new users for the next month, to do moon haha.
  • No big expectation, If I would get 2 commissions I would be very happy.

As I get a commission I am definitely not planning to stop with this project even it sucks :D.

a few last words

Time flies so fast. Another month is gone. As you can see the stats are still so low and funny but that’s just the beginning right :). I started a new project, bright future ahead of me hopefully :). Will see the next month.

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. 🙂 HERE 🙂

Stay with me. Emil.