June 2019 stats and overview

As I promised. Here is the summarizing post. Every last day of the month you can expect this kind of review of the previous month. Starting with June.

I would like to also set some goals for the following month, So I can then compare it with reality. The numbers are low. Don’t know If I even improved since last time. A few stats from May you see in this post.

But let’s take the projects one by one.

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

Worktravelenjoy.com stats June 2019

Yeah, the views of this website are still funny. The numbers compared to May are the same or worse. Nice hehe. But it’s okay I don’t mind that much at least I can improve dramatically. I promote my blog just on the 200WaD and Getmakerlog. Maybe time to think to go beyond these two channels and try to show my blog everywhere I come.

Let’s point out some metrics I am gonna focus on:

  • New blog posts in June: 5 (counting this one)
  • Pageviews: 475
  • New users: 32
  • Average session duration: 7 min 54 sec
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0

Goals for the next month

  • I am not planning to write more, just wanna keep the pace to set the limit for 5.
  • I would like to double the page views so my goal is to reach 1000
  • Let’s try to reach 50 new users
  • And average session duration have at least 10 minutes
  • I am begging for at least one subscriber hehe πŸ™‚

Sure I wish my blog grow steadily following months. Will see will see. πŸ™‚

The affiliate site oblibenatricka.cz

Oblibenatricka.cz stats June 2019

My only and stupid affiliate site is still here. I didn’t get any commission yet (no wonder) but some people show there so I still think there could be some commission in the future.

The June results in some basic metrics

  • New posts in June: 4
  • Pageviews: 108
  • New users: 47
  • Commissions: 0

Goals for the next month:

  • No rush I don’t wanna waste much time with this site. So 4 posts every month is okay for me.
  • I think I could get more page views so lets set the 400 as my goal for the next month
  • Again let’s double it for 80.
  • The main vacations are here So I am not sure if it can be possible but let’s try to reach 1 commission next month

I hope I am gonna think of some better project in following months but so far I must stick with this one. Hopefully, I get some money soon.:)

Youtube channel Organized life

OrganizedLife - youtube channel -stats - June 2019

What started as the smallest project is probably now the most successful. My channel is growing steadily and I am very happy about it.

See the numbers from June

  • New videos in June: 4
  • Views: 192
  • Watch time: 249 minutes
  • Subscribers: 14 (this is the total number, not just from June)

Goals for the next month:

  • I wanna experimenting more with the channel and format of the videos. So probably will upload more, not sure how much more but lets upload at least 6 videos
  • Let’s be optimistic. I would like to double my views to 400
  • Same as the views the watch time could grow to 400 minutes (little less than double)
  • New subscribers making me happy the most. I would like to have at least 30 subscribers until the end of July.

a few last words

Ok, that’s for June’s overview. I hope you like this kind of posts. I am eager to read these posts from other bloggers or makers. I know my projects numbers are so low, but I just need to start somewhere. Hopefully, everything is gonna grow.

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚ HERE πŸ™‚

Stay with me. Emil.

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