June 2021 stats and overview

As one would say better late than never. I am bringing you the June overview. To be honest, this month I wanted to discontinue this series. I don’t feel many purposes of keep writing this review.

Anyway, in the end, I decided to keep going. Just keep this old habit and write it down. If nothing it another piece of writing in English and it never hurts.

The June is in general was so so. I could bring new videos for my channel and also feel the TikTok blow up. I got many new followers there and even though its just this social network for yougsters it helps me to keep the motivation bar high.

Let’s see the stats.

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

Could I go even lower. I am not very sure about it. My personal blog is dead. No one goes here and no one stays here. I think I keep this just to hold some of my thoughts during the years. Maybe I will enjoy going through my old posts in few years and just remember these days.

In the case of any audience, this doesn’t make any sense. I am the only reader and only fan of this website.

Youtube channel Hrdý plešoun

I got more views than last month but less watch time. I didn’t continue with the Youtube shorts cuz it brought to my channel the wrong audience. All of my videos in June was more about talking and personal view about hair loss. I think my audience is interested in this kind of content. I just need to build some audience 😀 …

I didn’t fulfil my goal in the case of new subscribers. I have 116 subscribers (+13 since May). The growth stopped but it’s better than nothing. As far as it goes up in the whole month I am not sad.

At the end of the month, I learned a lot about editing and about Youtube algorithms so hopefully, I am gonna be able to improve the quality of videos which should bring more viewers.

Now it’s time to stay on the platform. Start to be seen and hopefully at the end of the year I will see finally some solid results. I am determined. So far all good!

Moth summary

Not happy not super sad about my May. I should be harder on yourself for sure. I slightly sliding away from my path but somehow I can keep holding my fingers. It could feel a bad sign but in the past, I wasn’t even able to do this.

I keep pushing my project. Sharing on all social media TikTok, Instagram, Youtube. I am not afraid to show up and talk about my videos. I need to hear the feedback, not cry (maybe just a little), and visualize the success…

The results will come for sure!

Stay tuned. Emil