Just about video

Yet another post about my Youtube channel.

I have told you. It’s the main focus for now. I have been able to upload a second video to my Youtube channel. The day of upload is Sunday for now.

It looks easy to upload just one video a week but it’s not easy. I think about the video the whole week.

I need to find topic to talk about, write a screenplay, record everything and edit. I am not good at anything so everything takes me quite a while.

I think the second video is much better than the first (that’s the goal make every video a little bit better) even though it still sucks big time.

Step by step. It’s my long term project. I will be patient I promise. I need to get better in front of the camera. I am nervous and I cannot talk clearly. It’s a big lesson to learn.

I do know what should be my series about. Now just need to improve in all aspects and keep going.

You can see my second video below (It’s in Czech language).

Stay tuned. Emil