Just Wow – breathtaking Iceland

The first stop on my way back home was Iceland. There are very cheap tickets from Toronto and I have a friend who is working there so I didn’t need to think twice.

I did go with WOW air, it is Icelandic airlines. The tickets are super cheap, but its low-cost airlines, so you are going to pay for everything else. I expected to pay something but not that much. I paid for my checked baggage 80 CAD + 70 CAD for guitar so total 150 CAD, crazy right?! You can get some discount if you check your baggage in advance, but it’s just about 20%. So if you travel with WOW better don’t have any baggage to check in. You pay something even for carry on. :/ Total cost for just the flight tickets was about 350CAD (Toronto – Island – Paris – Prague).

small tip, when I was leaving Iceland, I didnt pay anything for guitar, just kept the tag from previous flight and on Keflavik airport there is self service, so anybody didnt really care about my guitar. Just keep calm do like there is no guitar with you and dont ask anybody for help and it should be ok.:)

I stayed in Iceland for 6 days, 4 days I traveled around the island with my friend and last 2 days I spent by myself in Rejkjavik. It was amazing. My friend picked me up at the airport on the first day and then we went north. Iceland is a pretty expensive country but definitely worth to visit. Nature is breathtaking and If you are a photographer you can get crazy easily, cuz you have to just take pictures of everything. 🙂 3 nights we spent by my friend friends, 1 night we slept in the car and last 2 days I booked hostel so at least I could save some money on accommodation.

We couldn’t go all around the island because there were some floods on the east side, but I think I saw a lot. The pictures show you the best! (don’t share them without my permission)