On Friday we went to Karaoke with my coworkers from Aroma. It was a goodbye party for three of them who are coming back to their countries. I have never been to Karaoke before so it was a whole new experience for me. Karaoke is very popular in countries like Korea or Japan everybody really likes to sing there, but I was actually really shocked how good they can sing. After listening to really great performances I couldn’t sing in front of them, because I really can’t sing! Maybe next time but I have to get drunk more!:)  Anyway it was a really great night, everybody had a great time and if you want sometimes visit Karaoke definitely don’t hesitate!:)

On Friday I also visited Seneca college faculty of business. My friends invited me there, so I could look how the college life is going. Faculty of business it’s in North York. You have to take the subway to Finch station and then 3 stations east by bus. It was nice to see how it looks there but compare to Czech universities I didn’t see much difference.

And a few photos of sunset at Seneca college.

I don’t like working in Aroma that much already :). I work now really hard and compare to my beginnings there I do much more stuff like ordering vegetables, dairy stuff, keep our stock full. Also, work the busiest shifts. Because of that, I asked for raise. I succeed but I got just 25 cents to raise so it’s almost nothing. I am really disappointed because of that, so now probably start looking for another job for the last few months. But anyway good experience again. Ask the boss to get raise I will definitely use this experience in my life.:)

Following week will be probably in Halloween mode. Here in Canada people really celebrate that and getting ready for that day (end of October). You can see already the decoration in front of houses and everybody talks just about which costume to choose! Probably have to also think of something. Will see!:)

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!