Keep writing 10 ideas a day

This is one of my longest habits. Every day I write down 10 ideas. It can be everything from business ideas to just random thoughts about my life.

I started this habit 22nd of January 2019. Right now I am starting the 8th notepad of ideas.

I cannot say it has an amazing influence on me. That I would be bringing new business or project ideas every day but since the start, I made a few projects just because I wrote them down into my notepad.

Even if I could make just one idea happen it would be worth it.

I really loosely follow the concept. I just write down everything but if I would like to improve the purpose I should focus on specific categories.

For example. Bussiness ideas, tips for videos, blog posts etc. It would make it much better.

Anyway, if you would like to try it. Do not hesitate. Its good approach to move things forward.

Of course, it’s not my idea, it’s inspired but James Altucher. I mentioned it many times in my previous blog posts. 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil