Last weeks in Toronto

Time flies and we cannot do anything about it. My days in Toronto were going to end. My last weeks in Toronto were great and I felt very comfortable and I didn’t want to leave, but even though I didn’t get an answer to my visa extension (eventually I got the review and I could stay until 17th of November), so I probably could stay a little bit longer. I decided to leave on the 30th of September.

I didn’t do much last month, basically, I walked through the city and tried to spend time with my friends, because, there was again time to say goodbye soon :/.

I visited for the last time Toronto islands. I loved it there.

I could improve my Barista skills a little bit.

And unfortunately the saddest part. The last party with my friends to celebrate my leaving :/. I am gonna miss them so much.

Thank you, Toronto for everything. You are always gonna stay in my heart!!!

I will not go straight back home, but about that in the next posts…