Let’s Ask the Authors and Bloggers – Part 1

If you get stuck ask the pros. I was pondering this idea in my mind. If I ask some well know bloggers or authors about something. Would they answer me or not?

I must say it was a spontaneous idea. I just come up with some questions which were interesting for me and simply send some emails around.

I asked bloggers from all kinds of fields Marketing, self-help, finance, writing I even asked some authors of my favorite books.

To be honest I didn’t expect anything but to my surprise I got some answers. I am gonna share with you PART 1.

This part is introduction. You can look forward to big names (Mark Manson, Paul Jarvis and more) in the following part :).

Arron Wall (Seobook.com)

If you wanna know something about SEO, check Arron’s SEObook.com. Amazing information. You can follow SEObook on twitter.

Which book influenced you the most?

Probably Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

About 15 years ago one of my mentors stated the following “I think the best brands, the best sites have a large portion of their founder’s personality in them. Never be afraid to be yourself, after all, there are 1/2 billion people on the www, not all of them have to agree with you. Concentrate on the ones that share your views, concentrate on making their experience the very best it can be, the rest forget them. Or to put it another way, the best sites say – this is what we do, this is how we do it if you don’t like it go somewhere else.” and the Purple Cow book is really an ode to that concept.

Where are you getting your blog topic ideas?

I haven’t been writing much recently, though if there are big shifts to the search ecosystem I notice them. I used to write much more frequently when I ran a community site, but I shut that down about 3.5 to 4 years ago before my daughter was born.

I read a lot about technology and media, getting the daily newsletter from TechMeme https://www.techmeme.com and reading sites like Ben Thompson’s Stratechery https://stratechery.com & tech news site TheInformation https://www.theinformation.com.

How many hours do you write on average per day?

Not that many today, but 4 or 5 years ago it was probably a couple hours a day. I generally think one should read at least 5x as much as they write to force them to keep learning & keep improving their writing.

Have you been a good writer at school?

Yes and no. Two absolutely opposite experiences I recall…

In third grade our teacher gave us cut outs from greeting cards and we had to write a story based on whatever was pictured. The teacher told the other students they should write like me.

Then after 5th or 6th grade, I had scored high on a standardized test to where they had me take the college-level entrance exam. I think I scored at about the average college sophomore level at math then & my writing skills were at my own grade level, showing extreme relative underperformance at writing.

To further appreciate how horrible I was at writing, my earliest earnings on the web came from misspelling some branded keywords and being one of a few pages in the index with that misspelling on it. Practices make one improve, though I think reading at least 5 hours for every hour one writes is vital. I think you eventually emulate what you consume. In general, books tend to be more nutritious than say a news article or reading lots of Facebook feed. Of course what you read or choose to follow on any channel matters a lot. Naval’s Tweets are sharp. One can get depressed quickly if one primarily focuses on politics on Twitter.

Who is your favorite blogger outside of your SEO bubble?

Seth Godin. https://seths.blog I also like Matt Taibbi’s columns which were in Rolling Stone but he recently branched out to writing on SubStack. https://taibbi.substack.com

Scott Young (Scotthyoung.com)

Bestselling author and entrepreneur. Check his website scotthyyoung.com and a new book.

Which book influenced you the most?

Too many. My biggest influence when I started, however, was actually other blogs not books. Steve Pavlina’s blog in the beginning was a big source of inspiration.

Which habit would you recommend to start right now?

Setting up a productivity system is usually my #1 recommended habit since it helps organize other habits. Exercise would be up there too though.

Do you have a special writing routine?

Not particularly. I just write a lot and then publish the stuff I like.

Have you been a good writer at school?

I did alright in my English classes in high-school. I feel like more of a math-science person, but after years as a writer that may just be my preferred self-conception.

Who is your favorite blogger outside of your Self-help bubble?

Scott Alexander is consistently good. But I would say I mostly follow people whose topic isn’t self-help.

Karolina Patryk (The Lazy Travel blog)

Very nice blog about family travels and all the ups and downs on the way. Follow Karolina on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And definitely do not miss here great writing on karolinapatryk.com

Which book influenced you the most?

Harry Potter series. It showed me that there are no limits as long as you believe in yourself.

Which habit would you recommend to start right now?

Write every day. You may not see the results immediately but the difference will be huge after a few months.

Do you have a special writing routine?

I usually do the research first. It’s definitely better for me to write in the morning, I can’t really be creative at night.

Have you been a good writer at school?

Yes, I’ve even won some competitions. However, I was born and raised in Poland so all my writings were in the Polish language. Writing in English is different so I needed to learn everything from scratch.

Who is your favorite blogger outside of your bubble?

I don’t follow any blogs.

So that’s the first part of the series. I am truly amazed about the aswers and so happy that the people mentioned in this blog post replied to my email.

Don’t be afraid to reach your favorite blogger or author they can give you great tips and some fresh kick of motivation!:). Of course, always be humble and nice :).

Stay safe. Emil

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