Let’s start

So here I am! I am starting new blog about my expecting life changing adventure. I am moving to Canada for a year.  I have already bought my fly ticket so everything start 17th of March 6.55 AM at Prague Vaclav Havel Airport. First steps in Canada will lead to Toronto. I have to find new home, new work, new friends and many more. I won’t be easy but hope it will be good.

This blog will be about my experience during these days and the name of the blog indicates main three topics I wish that all would it be about.

WORK – I have to find jobs, I have to earn money for the rent (first find the room for living:) ), for the food a many more. Canada isn’t cheapest country so this would be main goal and I think also the hardest one. Where, What, how much I get, yep we will see!:) and sure i will be writing about it.

TRAVEL – Canada is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So I want also look around a little bit.

ENJOY – but main goal is enjoy it everything!:) I want meet new people, watch NHL, NBA, and do much more other stuff.

So Let’s start and wish me luck!:)

I am not naitive speaker so please excuse my English, but main goal of this trip is also improve it and this blog should be I hope part of the progress. 

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