Let’s talk about my habits

Recently I have finished the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I got some recommendations and many people mentioned this book on 200WaD.

So it was a sure choice. I haven’t known this author before so I just jumped straight into the unknown.

I took some time to finish it. I didn’t choose the super fast reading mode as usual cuz I wanted to remember something haha. Yeah usually after I close the last page I almost immediately forget everything … not so good approach with self-help books.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk a lot about the book itself. The book is about habits, how to keep the good one, get rid of the bad one and add more good one. It is mentioning some techniques which should help you. I definitely recommend to read it. It makes you think about your own habits. Which I would like to talk about now.

I would say that the habit itself is not the most important thing to consider. The most important thing is why have you started with that particular habit and what it is gonna bring you.

If I am talking about myself I never want to just follow the flow. I need to do something because it is good for me not for someone else.

The habits overview

Let’s see some overview of my habits and a few sentences why I try to keep it in my life.

Boxing lesson

I love sports, It goes through my life. Since I was young I was swimming, I was playing soccer, basketball, long part of my life I competed in freestyle snowboarding. I love to win and hate to lose. From the competitive part, it moved now a little to keep myself fit. It can be any kind of sport, so right now I’m going to the boxing lessons. It’s hard to work out but also fun during the sparring.

The reasons behind this habit: Be fit and have fun

Making videos

As you can know I have started recently this habit, Once a week I upload a new video on my Organized Life channel. For me, it’s pretty challenging. In person, I am very shy … So to speak out loud in video and actually post it … is a big step out of comfort zone.

What is most important I am talking in English which is my second language. As I talk I try to teach my audience and as a side effect, I am learning too. Also, I think there is and definitely gonna be a demand for productivity tools. So stay in this niche could be interesting businesswise.

The reasons behind this habit: Learning English, teaching audience and learn from it, possible business opportunity

Working on side projects

This is a little wider concept and I could list to it almost everything so just make it short. All this making shaking writing journey is cuz I wanna be independent and actually free. Care just about my stuff when I want, how I want, with who I want. Don’t chase favors everywhere.

The reasons behind this habit: Be independent, earn money on my own.


I mentioned my schedule about my side projects, Tuesday, blog post here, Thursday post on affiliate site Oblibenatricka.cz, on Sunday a new video on my channel. I am trying to be consistent. It helps a lot to don’t give up and making small steps on my journey. Sure I would like to add more in the future. It’s not about to work like crazy every day but do at least this scheduled step.

The reasons behind this habit: be consistent, helping to not give up with on my plans.

10 ideas a day

Since the end of January, I keep writing 10 ideas a day. It’s a habit inspired by James Altucher. I really enjoy it. It helps me to remember business ideas, thoughts and more even though usually it is super stupid.

The reasons behind this habit: remember thoughts and ideas, be more creative.


Probably the biggest part of my time takes the writing. It started innocently with my trip to Canada. I simply wanted just to improve my written English, keep a journal and have some memory of this amazing experience. As the years go by (the blog is already over 3 years old) and I was still writing. It envolved further and I started to like to write. My writing habit improved also cuz of 200 words a day website. Let see some numbers.

Since February 2016 I wrote – 114 blog posts (52 470 words, 460 words average per post), Since January 2019 on 200 WaD, I wrote – 142 posts (32548 words, 229 words average per post) … so total 85018 words in 1198 days … Only data I can measure … but I think I haven’t written much more than that … everything in English as my second language.

As you can see if you doing something regularly there are some results. Even though I think the stats are not super crazy.

I wanna continue. The writing is part of me now even if I wouldn’t want to hehe. I still believe in this blog and hope it eventually gets some traction and audience … if not I would still try to start some other blog … my style of writing gonna be definitely part of all of my projects.

The reasons behind this habit: Improve my written English, improve my writing, one of the habits I could monetize in the future.

Spanish learning

During my stay in Canada, I began with the Spanish language. Or better to say I started learning it in Duolingo app. From zero knowledge. I can speak English and a little bit of German. I just wanted to add one more language and Spanish looked like a good choice. I keep learning but actually, I am not really sure where this habit going. I am still using just the app and haven’t moved forward. I need to find some Spanish friend otherwise I will never be able to speak in Spanish.

The reasons behind this habit: Learn a new language, ???…

Other stuff:

Of course, I haven’t forgotten about my schedule. On my affiliate site, I just post about couples t-shirts. Still a little lost with the direction of the site.

On the other hand, I improved a lot my Coda Doc IdeasKeeper. I made it much simpler using just one column and prefixes. I had fun to remaking it and actually learned a lot of new things. Of course, I made a video. So if you would be interested in it more. See the video below or on Youtube.

A little bit personal post today but I think it’s important to do some review and see the background of my steps. It’s definitely part of the way.

What habits do you have? Let me know :).

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Stay with me. Emil.

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