How was my life in 2017 and plans for the next year

Last days of the year are usually also about lots of thinking. Remembering moments from the past year. What did go well what did go wrong? No exception for me. So I would like to write down also kind of summary of the year 2017. My ups and downs, my thoughts and what I would like to improve to the next year, some goals, plans and so on.  So read it now.?


First I must say. It was a hell of a crazy year. I had made lots and crazy last minute decisions. I left Toronto three times, I came back to Toronto two times. I traveled all around the world. All the flight tickets I bought very last minute. I visited Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Niagara FallsBanff, Montreal), USA (New York), Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Escondido), Paris, Island, Bali, Kuala Lumpur.. See my flights I don’t even count it till now.

Toronto – Halifax – Cancun, Cancun – Mexico city – Puerto Escondido, Puerto Escondido – Mexico city – Atlanta – Toronto, Toronto – London – Prague, Prague – Warsaw – Toronto, Toronto – Calgary, Calgary – Toronto, Toronto – Island, Island – Paris, Paris – Prague, Prague – Frankfurt – Taipei – Bali. Bali – Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur – Bali,  21 flights!!!!! Crazy crazy Emil.

I didn’t really plan anything, I’m not saying it is a good thing, haha, but I couldn’t even imagine a year like that.

So If I’m talking about traveling it was the amazing year I saw beautiful nature in Banff and Island. I surfed in Mexico and Bali(I’m still here:). And enjoyed a lot my extended stay in Toronto. Have to say after my come back to Toronto I felt so down and I did regret (starting again without a visa was so hard, a broken relationship and so on) for a while but fortunately it got better and I experienced there amazing summer.

Yep, I cannot complain that I would stay just in one place haha. Ok, I can say traveling was a success.



In my opinion, there were too many downs If I am talking about my emotions and feelings. I did go through a few relationships and cannot say any of them would be any success. That’s sad of course, but still, I got some experience. If I would say one important thing. I should definitely much more control my emotions and really think twice before I jump into the relationship with someone I really don’t know that much. And try to make clear what is going on between us haha. And definitely, don’t care that much. I would avoid lots of sleepless nights and anxious thoughts.

I always try to look for my flaws what did I do wrong, what I should say, why the girl is mad at me.  So many thoughts going through my mind if I am in a relationship. I try to be the best, but still putting myself down. Of course, it leads to insecurity and bad ending of my relationships. Not all is just my problem and so many things you cannot affect even though you would do everything right. So just relax and take it easy Emil, life goes on.?  Try to be yourself eventually there is gonna be someone who will appreciate it.  Anyway, 2017, if I’m talking about a relationship, was disaster lets try it better in 2018 haha.


My blogging career still continued in 2017. Even there were lots of creative breaks: and sometimes I felt that is all over, I did overcome my laziness and still living. I wrote 43 blog posts in 2017 (3 less than in 2016) but this must take like a big success.

But definitely, I need to keep improving this blog and think what are next steps gonna be how I will continue and which direction this blog is gonna go. I hope I will keep doing and not gonna die and I will bring you a lot of interesting posts from my life in 2018 and keep moving forward with my life and with this blog as well … I promise ?


Work life hmmmmmm… I still didn’t find the purpose of my life, haha, but its probably never gonna happen. I worked in Aroma, housekeep in Bali… nothing special, I was spending more money than earning haha. Of course, I exchanged it for a lot of new experience and travel memories but this is not a success at all, I should care more about money and my future. Cuz it’s very important and somehow you can always manage to do both, but I was just enjoying hehe.

I didn’t even start any new internet project just continuing with this blog (but it isn’t earning any money haha). I stopped my project just because there was no will to continue, the product sucks so I couldn’t promote it properly. But the experiences I had gained hopefully I will use for my future projects. I let expire almost all of my other domains. I bought just one new one because I have some idea for a project, but I’m not sure if I ever will start to make it.

In this part of my life will probably be the most changes and insecurity in 2018. I need to jump into the work life no matter if I like it or not, cuz simply no money left on my account.  I have to work but where and what I will do I don’t know.  But life is life it will bring me some new opportunity, I’m not worried about that. If it will be in Czech or in some other place in the world I really don’t care.


I think one of my goal for 2017 really improved my guitar playing and eventually form some band or something. It didn’t happen, unfortunately, but at least I went to “public” with my playing by posting it on my Instagram account, it doesn’t sound that cool, but you must understand that I’m a pretty shy person, so for me, it was a big step.  Anyway yeah, it cannot count like big step forward so. Try harder in 2018 Emil!!!


I finished 18 books in 2017, it’s similar to 2016 I guess. But all of them was in English. I wanted to read more of course, but it’s still ok. I read all kinds of them fiction, non-fiction, self/help (I will write a list of the finished book in 2017 and can add also books I finished in 2016). Anyway, for the next year, It should be more and I should add once a while a book in the Czech language as well, don’t wanna forgot how to read in my mother language haha. The result is then so-so, good by not a success.

Family and friends.

I have met so many new people in 2017. Canada and Toronto was my new home. I got to be truly close to my workmates from Aroma. If you are alone in a new country you always tend to be closer to the new people you meet. In my case, it was the same. I truly miss my friends from Toronto. You need to understand that I lived there for more than a year. One part of my heart stayed in Toronto, fortunately, cuz of all the social media I can stay in touch with them at least through that. I have also now a lot of friends from Asian countries. Japanese, Chinese, Korean.  Hopefully, I will visit them soon or they will visit me in Prague.  That’s part of the experience. It’s sad but you need to move on and hope at least for the future meet up.

Of course, the happy part was that after my comeback to Prague I met my old friends. I wasn’t in touch with them that much. But nothing changed and I didn’t miss a lot. If I will get to my regular life I need to work on my old friendships a little bit more.

My family. I love my family of course. But 2017 was more just about me. I lived most of the time alone, I’ve been in touch but mostly just through the emails.  That was, of course, my fault but hope they still love me. But everybody needs it sometimes. Our relationship didn’t suffer. We have had to endure also some losses this year. But that’s life and unfortunately, this is part of it. In 2018 I will be at home so I’m gonna see my family more and will be again a good part of it?.

Plans for 2018

Keep learning Spanish, don’t stop speaking English and keep improving my pronunciation, still read a lot, play guitar, Cut my time on a smartphone, keep writing my blog, improve my posture (I think really not metaphor haha just keep my body in good shape), do some sport. I would like to travel somewhere for sure, but probably I need to give up this pleasure for a while, but you never know.. And I should probably start earning some money haha!

Then there is one secret wish, I’m not gonna write down, but if it would work out, I wouldn’t get bored in 2018 haha.

…. and control my emotions, but don’t give up to love …. be much more patient, be more confident.

You cannot really plan your life of course, but it can give you at least some direction. Hope you like this post I know it’s more just for me, but you can still see some of my struggles and maybe it can help you somehow too.

one last message to everybody

Hey, life is not easy sometimes. We are sad, heartbroken, sick, without money (I am like that most of the time, believe me), but it’s still worth it. It would be too boring otherwise, keep it in your mind. Keep it positive try to smile a little bit more and the good things will come and life is just amazing afterward!:)

and one last message for me!!:))

Hey, Emil and please learn a lesson from your mistakes and at least try to avoid them next time.  Don’t do them again and again like usual (in all the directions of your life) Thank you:)

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