Life after the Traveling

Post number 100 (after over 2 years of writing this blog). Unfortunately, it’s not gonna be very optimistic.

When you get back home after the long trip abroad it’s always hard to jump into the normal real life. No exception for me. In back in my mind I have still feeling I should run away again. Yeah even after four months back in Prague.

In the beginning, it’s ok you see your family and friends so there is happiness but slowly the mixed feelings keep coming to my mind.

But actually, I was ready to stay but it didn’t help that I couldn’t find a job for a long time it takes almost 3 months and in the end, my friend saved me cuz he hired me.

I still feel kinda empty. Abroad you care just about youtself.. Where to live, where to work, what to eat. you spent your money just for yourself and it’s easy to get along. and that’s it. Your life is pretty simple, but when you come back it’s much hard. You need to care about taxes, insurance and what is the worst about your future. whyyyyyy hahahha..

I came back without any money cuz of my traveling and after that, I was 3 months without income. I survived just cuz of my parents. I don’t pay any rent, my mom buying food. Yeah, pretty hard reality. You can guess how good I feel about it on the edge of my 30. I feel pretty shitty. I definitely didn’t expect hard comeback like that.

With the first income, I hope it will get better. But still, I cannot see the shining end. The first step gonna be to stabilize my incomes, But it must get more money somehow.. with my current income I cannot live a normal life.

I know its pretty shallow but the main goal for the following weeks is to find out how to get more money.

It’s really hard for me to write this. The title of my site is “life-changing blog” but I must say I am almost in the same position as 2 years ago maybe even worse because I don’t have any money now. Yes, I gained amazing experience during my traveling I met awesome people I hope lifelong friends. But I didn’t find out yet. How to get the most from it, how to find the right direction. Maybe I am just stupid, lazy Emil who is rather searching for something instead of doing something. I am still hoping this is not the truth and I will find some purpose I would jump 100% into and I would overcome my lethargy., but yeah not yet, not yet.

Maybe it sounds too pessimistic, but don’t worry I am not giving up yet. Sometimes it’s better to scream out loud your thoughts and it helps you sort out your mind and maybe find a solution.

Sooooo …… STOP CRYING EMIL!!! :))))

Don’t leave me and read my blog next time.