Life goes by

Not any strong topic came to my mind so I decided just to write down what is going on around. I have been locked down over 3 weeks cuz the COVID situation but I feel quite all right.

I have planned to start working on my own since April. So I got it in the full swing. To be honest I am not in the hard-working routine yet. The days go by and you can hardly say what day is today. I feel there is better potential and I could use my days more productive but I need to take it to step by step.

Scheduling my days

I started to schedule my days. I use just the MacOSx Calendar app. The day before I write down what to do the following day. I do not strictly follow the timing. I can just clearly see what should I do that particular day. I try to fit there everything from actual work to my daily habits.

I am still testing it. It worked like a charm to kick off my productivity in the beginning but right now I do every day almost the same and for the weekends I try to just chill, still, I am able to do everything according to my plans. So with or without a scheduled day, I am able to manage everything.

Should I be harder to myself and be more precise and put more work or should I just point out the important tasks and the rest just let it flow? Sometimes I feel a little bit stressed cuz of my schedule … Yeah, I need to keep testing and figure out what is best for me. πŸ™‚

Back in the reading mode

I could get into a solid reading streak but finally, I think I am getting there. You can see all the books I finished this year on the books page of my blog here.

I set a goal to read two books a month for 2020. Right now I am 3 books behind the schedule but hopefully, April is gonna change the course of the history. I finished the So good they can’t ignore you by Cal Newport that was a life-changer for me. I think I am gonna make a stand-alone review soon. I really liked it and it came at the right time. I just need to evaluate my life now cuz it just destroyed some of my thoughts and dreams. πŸ™‚

Right now I am reading the last book of Cal Newport – Digital Minimalism and the autobiography I, Asimov about famous Sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov (I am rereading it, cuz I just remembered recently this author, I love his books).

Keep learning Adobe Illustrator

Yeah, I didnt give up yet. I got the beginners course on Udemy and I got hooked but later after I started the Advanced course I started lacking. It was cuz the course is build without the practise part and I was lazy to try by myself.

Anyway, I got back on track. Right now I am finishing the advanced course and I jumped straight to the Logo design course. I hope I improve my skills a lot.

Its not really just about watching the course and go lecture by lecture I have to actively doing the exercises and get familiar with the tools. Otherwise I do not learn anything. Lesson learnt.

Working on my Niche side project

I wouldn’t say it is a deep focus but I am getting al least somewhere. I am on one post a week schedule. Since the start, I posted 6 articles. 3 of them are longer highly optimized for particular keywords (the money should come from there :). 3 of them are just juice easy written posts without much deep thinking.

I am writing down ideas about new posts into my workspace and have a lot of topics to write about. So I am not worried that I would lose an inspiration. I should maybe just higher the pace at least to 2 posts a week.

… That’s it for today. I hope you like this review of my life and I see you next week. Dont forget to download my new e-book below. πŸ™‚

Stay safe. Emil πŸ™‚