Life goes on

Post number 101. I think I couldn’t find a better name for this blog post. Cuz after the really pessimistic last post, my life just goes on no matter what.

I must say that I still don’t feel really happy but ordinary life is still life so I have to keep moving forward.

During the last months, I started working a regular job by my friend. We did one business trip to Hungary. It was pretty nice.

As you can see I hadn’t been doing a lot of interesting things. I kinda feel be awaken up pretty hard to real life after almost two years of traveling. It must happen eventually. Buuuut as I already had said that I would never expect its gonna be that hard (I will probably say it again in the future).

Life is boring for me now. Actually, even if I would like to do something interesting I cannot cuz I don’t have any money. Hmmm, sure I could expect that after I had spent all my savings during the last trip but there was still back in my mind some thought I could get my money back fast with a high paid day job. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and I got stuck just with OK paid job and the salary covers just my ordinary life.

And I am back home already over 7 months and I still don’t feel comfortable here at all. If it’s not gonna change soon I have to think about some change otherwise I will get crazy. Hopefully noooot hahaha.

To finish it a little bit positive I started to look around online business opportunities again cuz I was always wandering around internet projects (from personal websites, affiliate marketing projects to owning my e-commerce store) so I would like to start something new, something that could possibly make some money hehe. I have been reading a lot about drop shipping now actually I already started one project but probably it’s gonna be a wrong way but still better to try something than doing nothing. I would like to keep doing and eventually, something good gonna come out of it.

Please, wish me luck and sure I will keep you informed about my projects in following posts.

Stay tuned cuz keep going … even now is just about work and not about travel and enjoy. 🙂

p.s. Enjoy some pics from my trip to Hungary.