Long term focus

Short term success. Everything gets as fast as possible. No patiency. Yeah, that’s just my daily bread. I just hate to wait.

I wanna have a lot of money now, I wanna have a successful project after the first release. Please give me everything immediately.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that (at least for me) If you have a recipe .. gimme :D.

So that’s why I would like to focus on long term goals, paths, builds, and just be more patient in general.

It’s not an easy task. Usually if I do not see any results I just give up and move to another project … and again and again.

I gave up on the Nocodemag project, I gave up on the Youtube channel. The only thing I keep doing is this blog. I would say it’s my only long term project even though it’s not successful at all.

The Nocodemag got a little drive in the beginning but it wasn’t that strong to keep me motivated. I actually a little overestimated my interest in this field, which is zero right now (there is definitely potential, so if someone would be interested in the Nocodemag project, just let me know and we can talk about some possibilities :)).

SPOILER ALERT I do not have any new ideas right now. So if you would expect some reveal I am not gonna cry if you stop reading haha.

I just wanna form a few points which my future project should contain. I hope it’s the first step to actually start with something. I need to have a clear vision that keeps me on the right way.

  1. I cannot expect overnight success. Just let it flow and trust in myself (the main point if this post)
  2. The project should be connected with some of my hobbies or their combination. It should help to keep me moving.
  3. The purpose of this project shouldn’t be just money but also it must bring some value which I am not ashamed of.
  4. The form of the project is gonna be again the website + youtube channel. I feel it’s just the right way to do. The video + writing content combo it should be perfect for me. I need to just get my ass from the comfort zone πŸ™‚

That’s for today. I am gonna probably update this post as soon as I think of some new ideas. Wish me luck.

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Stay with me. Emil