Looking for the new job again

I don’t wanna make the same mistake like in Toronto and get stuck to do some job I don’t really like so I decided to start looking for a new job again.

Try to find what I would like to do better. Its gonna be hard but there is nothing to lose.

I hope the new circle of job interviews will begin and I am gonna be able to find a job I like or at least not hate that much. I would like to work for an International company to practice English everyday cuz I can feel it’s getting worse and worse again and I don’t wanna waste my 2 years abroad of learning English and forget everything

So the main goal is to find a job where can I speak in English. Maybe I could be an English teacher? Am I right or rather no hahaha. I think I could do something around the website but these days everybody is an online marketing or website expert so I am not sure. btw my website projects are on hold cuz I’m not sure about dropshipping anymore.

But still one of my dreams is to have some lively website where people will be interacting with me and so … hopefully, I will think of something soon.

Ok, that’s probably it for this post. As you can see I am getting pretty lazy. The blog posts are getting shorter and not about anything interesting. Its kinda reflect my life now but I promise I am gonna be more productive and try to figure out everything and hopefully if my life will get better this blog will get better as well.

So stay tuned and read my blog next time:)