Looking for….and NHL game

So the whole week was in the title “looking for”. I looked for the job of course, but mostly for the new room for a long-term stay. Everything goes through the craiglist.ca or kijiji.ca. Just see the ad. and then you can through the email, or call or SMS, contact the owner. It’s a little bit exhausting because everything here is far away (1h to the downtown from the present house) so you go there and find out, that the room is complete crap and you can go home.

Tip: If I go now. I had booked the first room somewhere (through Airbnb or whatever) in the downtown close to the subway station (if you want to work there) not as I have now, almost 1hour to downtown and lots of walking. You can check more rooms for rent and find a better place to live then. I was really tired after a few tries :).

Funny story, I went to look at some place near the downtown and that was almost squat, so I have to higher my budget a little. ๐Ÿ™‚ I looked for low-cost shared room between 500-650 CAD (10000 – 13000 CZK) for a month. After 4 unsuccessful attempts, I finally found one which fits me. It is an old shared house (I think there are 9 tenants, but younger people, and look cool :)) close to the subway station, grocery stores and in part of Toronto I wanted. The Houselord also looks fine, little bit stricter rules (no overnight visitors, be super super clean, quite) but I hope it will be good! I sign a contract for 4 months, then will see!:) It cost 620 CAD for a month. Here are promised pictures of my new home!:)

Tip 2: If you know in advance, in which part do you want to live. You can also try luck walking through there and check the houses directly. Many houses have a “room for rent” sign on the front door.

Be careful note: It was snowing here for two days and after that everything froze, so there was lots of falling ice from the top of the buildings. It felt down a big piece of ice 3 meters in front of me, so keep your ass under the roofs right next buildings don’t go further on the paths by these conditions!! I was really lucky.

On Saturday I was on NHL game Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins. I have been always a fan of Boston, so I could not miss it :). It was a really great experience, big show, lots of fans and Boston won so everything good:)  I took photos like crazy, so see the result:). I couldn’t celebrate much because only Toronto fans were around me, but I enjoyed anyway. :)).

First, of April I have my first interview in some Japanese restaurant, so wish me luck (especially because all my CV-s are completely made up ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)