Madison club

It maybe sounds unbelievable but I have never been at the party in Toronto so far .. till this Friday!:) My schedule in Aroma changed a little bit, I have a day offs on Monday and Friday (instead of Monday and Tuesday). So I could go to a party on Friday. I went with my roommates Kazuya from Japan and Almire from France, they are by the way really cool guys!

We went to Madison Avenue pub. It’s close to Spadina subway station. It’s quite a big club, 3 floors I guess and Its more for drinking than dancing kind of club:). In the entry, they wanted to see any official ID (driving license count) it’s not because they would not believe that you are not over 18 but more because they need to identify you if anything happened during your visit (fight and so.. :)).

The night was nice, we met and talked to people, we drink and had a good time. We drank just beer so I wasn’t super drunk but in a really good mood :). What surprised me was that the club closed at 2 AM, its quite early but somebody told me that’s usual in Canada. They just say everybody get out a that’s it!:) As a lot of people meet in the front club after closing. It led to a few fights (not me!!:) ), but have to say that’s wasn’t just pushing, but actually quite a decent fights .. punching and so! Who didn’t fight supported the fighters!:) After this fun, we went home this time by night bus from Bloor street.

As I mentioned in the previous post I expected new Kindle Paperwhite and I got it on Thursday! … and its awesome :). I could jump right away into reading. Compare to my old one Paperwhite has touchscreen (no more keyboard) and light diodes so I can read now also in the night without looking for the right positions under the room light and that is a big advantage!:) I have to get used to the new controls but think that after a few weeks there will be no problem! The first book I read on my new Kindle was the Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini and I recommend it!:) Really catchy novel!:)

By the way, a just crossed 4 months time border in Canada! How I already said the times go here really fast, will see if one year will be enough for me!:) Keep tuned and read me next week!:)