March 2020 stats and overview

Yep, the end of the month is here and my regular monthly review cannot be missing.

As you know the situation in the world is kinda crazy right now. The virus is attacking as all and changing our lives. Anyway, we must stay strong hoped for a better future. I am not afraid.

So no more sad things and look at my projects (it’s gonna be sad too, haha).

My local niche project is still on. I do not check any statistics yet. I think nothing important is going on so it’s nothing to see there, anyway. During the March I wrote 4 new articles. One big SEO article and three shorter juice ones. I would like to write one post a week and have at least 2 longer articles. I have a lot of prompts for articles so I am not afraid I would have anything to write about. Just do not be lazy and the audience will come, I am sure.

Another big project is my E-book How to fail a blog which I just released. I am very happy about it and I think it is the right fit for this blog. Do not hesitate to download and let me know your opinion. It’s version 1.0 and I will be updating it according to your feedback. Feel free to share it with your friends. I will share some stats with you in the next post. ๐Ÿ™‚

So that was about my new projects now let write down something about my old ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

My blog

Not good Not good. My blog is one big sad story. At least the people stayed longer on my website. I hope I can kick it off a little bit with the e-book. I am gonna see the next month. Wish me luck :).

No-code project

I didn’t write any new content for Nocodemag. I feel very about it. It is still my most successful project. Even though the numbers are going down (no wonder). The numbers are still decent. 238 New users, 327 pageviews but yeah, have to admit that the bouncer rate is pretty high.

How should I continue with this project? What would push me forward? Have some guest posts there or PR advertisements? Maybe money would be a motivation … Will see. Waiting for the muse :).

Youtube channel Organized life

Not much to see here. Same story as Nocodemag. I wasn’t able to make any new content. I got 3 new subscribers and the other stats are a little bit better than the last month.

I am hoping to come back. Now in the time of quarantines, people are eager to learn about Note-taking apps to organize their lives. I am not afraid no one would watch my videos, just find the right format and motivation and name. I am gonna think about it :).

The affiliate site

Very similar statics to February. I didn’t add up much content. I tried to get the advantage of the current situation and add up coronavirus content but without much success. I didn’t get any commission. I will stay calm and hope for reborn. :))

Month summary

What can I say?! There is no progress. I would say all my current projects are kinda the same since the start. I keep thinking about how so improve my tries, how to be better, how to get more money, how to somehow everything connect into one project and do not destroy my focus?

Yeah, hard questions to answer. I am definitely not giving up my making shaking journey. Now I am fighting on my own so the stakes are higher.

I hope there is light. The new project, the e-book is such a big step. I am getting there and I will get there :).

Stay with me. Emil