March 2021 stats and overview

New month new adventure but let’s talk about the March first :). I just realized I could add up a little personal info into the beginning of this post, like how I have been doing in March in general not just sideprojectwise…

I didn’t feel very productive in March. The first Youtube rush faded away a little (don’t worry I keep going) and mostly I was just watching other Youtubers and learning their secrets. I hope it still counts as work, haha.

Youtube is a completely new world for me so I think I need to dive into it a little deeper but yeah, I should focus more on doing than watching.

I do not what else to say cuz really the moths pass by very quickly and outside of the internet, there is not anything interesting going on. If nothing at least without distraction it could help me start up my Youtube channel.

OK, let’s see the classic stats overview!:)

My blog

It’s better than last month but the fame is still not here :)). I know it’s mainly my fault. I write here without a big purpose. Even the weekly posts are pure randomness. I should come up with better topics and actually write something interesting. I must do that cuz this writing blabbing cannot lead anywhere. I do have for all other projects the “idea table” I should make the same for my personal blog. It’s my oldest companion I should treat him well.

Youtube channel Hrdy plesoun (former Efran)

The numbers getting up slowly but surely. It’s gonna be a long way, haha. I have 71 subscribers for now (I got 3 new subscribers in March). The watch time and view went up a little. I was able to upload one video every week. The last two videos weren’t that successful but I cannot beat the algorithms all the time. The productions of the videos getting better. I think I am still on my way. I trust my guts and believe in myself.

Everyone would have to have immediate success but it’s not that easy. I am not a very patient person but this Youtube tries could help me to stay focused and stay motivated for more than just a few weeks.

I also kicked off the instagram account. I would like to bring there some stats and info graphics about balding not just pics of bald people. I will be experiencing with it. I would like to focus just on Instagram and Youtube I am not able to bring a good content for all the social networks possible.

Month summary

I guess the hardest part is to don’t get mad about the slow pace of growth. The youtube channel is a long-term project. I need to learn a lot, make tons of videos and then maybe I get some traction and success. I made so far just 9 videos. It’s nothing in the big world of youtube.

I must show the consistency, the quality and if I get to at least 50 videos we can talk about how it really goes. Like I said am super motivated and I do believe it can be a success.

Wish me luck and see you the next month!